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03-07-2010, 09:42 PM
Hi All,

I've been following many of these threads since I'm working on planning an August trip and have really been hoping to get some sort of room only discount so that we can stay at the Poly. I've been doing everything suggested to try to get Disney to recognize us and send us a PIN code! In addition to my regular account, I created a new account on the website, using my husband's less often used email address, signed up to receive emails, saved several offers online, then went back every few days and "tweaked" them, etc., etc. A couple of months have gone by, and we haven't received any emails or postcards...

So, today I was on the Disney site in my account and was looking again at offers to save. I stepped away from the computer for a while and came back to find that I had been automatically kicked off of the search I was doing because I left it too long. So I clicked to sign back in and it took me to an "enter your PIN code" page. I've never seen this page before, so I thought maybe it meant that I had a PIN that I didn't know about (since I had been signed in). Sooo, I decided to call and check. Very nice CM was more than happy to look for me. Nothing under my name. Then she suggests that she check under my husband's name, and puts me on hold. She comes back and says that there's nothing currently under my husband's name, but that there had been a PIN code that expired on 3/1. She was unable to tell me what the code was for, but did say that it was linked to his email address that I had used to create the new account a couple of months ago. We went back and double checked, and there definitely is NO email with a PIN code in that account. So here are my questions:

1. Why put me on hold to check his name? She was able to check my name without putting me on hold. Was she checking with somebody about something? Maybe to see if she was allowed to offer us the expired code? Do CMs ever have the power to apply a PIN that wasn't already there?

2. How could we have missed this PIN offer? I've been checking all of our email accounts (including the junk folder) and the mail obsessively, so I'm sure I would have seen it if it had crossed our path. But they had the right email address and home address. Does Disney sometimes think they sent emails but didn't?

3. Is it worth me or my husband calling back to try to get them to honor the PIN code that we somehow missed? My guess is that we're just out of luck and will have to wait and see if another one comes our way, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has had any success with any expired codes.

Sorry this is so long, and thanks in advance for any help!

03-08-2010, 03:55 PM
Well I hope I can help. i just had the same thing happen to me. After calling twice and speaking to a CM for 1 hour I got it resolved. I was online looking at prices and a box popped up asking for a pin. I had heard of them before but never got one. So I called Disney and the CM told me that nothing was coming up in my name so it may have been a mistake. I was sos confused cause even when I called Disney it again asked me to put in a pin number. Upset over the whole thing I called back and talked to someone else. Like you she checked old addresses, my hussbands name, different phone numbers and emails etc. Again she found nothing. I explained to hear that this was very misleading since both online and over the phone it was aking for a pin. She finally got a guest service sup, and the supervisor said I was on a list of " lost pins" and that she would give me the deal! I was so happy. we are getting free quick service dining. I would call back again and explain your situation. Ask for a supervisor if you have to. Good luck!

03-09-2010, 09:33 AM
Thanks for your input, princess! Sounds like it might be worth it to call and check (or to have my DH call and check - he's better at those sorts of conversations than I am...)