View Full Version : 1 month until ADR! Advice

03-05-2010, 06:39 AM
Bringing my parents on this trip so we are going to do DDP. Never done it before usually dont go to that many restaurants but parents would love it and the are coming to help with the new baby! :thumbsup2
So here is want I was thinking so far.

Ohana or Kona Dinner 5:00

Lecelier Lunch 12:00

Kouzzina Dinner 6:00 ?

Crystal Palace (8am BFAST always do this before parke opens:cool1:)
Ohane or Kona dinner 5:00 if ohana 6:00 if Kona

Kouzzina Dinner ? 6:00

Cali Grill dinner 6:00

Chef Mickey Bfast 8:00

Was thinking that with the baby we might not be able to make a ADR so plan on booking cali grill to use two table services if not we would cancel that resie on thurs.

What do you think any changes needed :3dglasses

03-07-2010, 08:51 AM
Having done baby trips, I can relate (it's worse when they become toddlers b/c you miss ADR's b/c of naps). Can't be a lot of help on your choices but a suggestion....if you miss an ADR, 2 good choices that you can usually get spur of the moment are Whispering Canyon @WVL & Boma (b'fast) @ AKL. We have done both &, if your family has not been to either, they are very impressive resorts to visit. WVL is a good family fun time & Boma has some unique & traditional foods. Just a fall back from someone who has been there....