View Full Version : *New Guidelines Pre-trip and Dining Reviews*PLEASE READ IF YOUR REVIEW IS IN PROGRESS

03-02-2010, 08:27 PM
First the mods would like to thank everyone for the reviews. We love to read them and share in everyone's trip.

Dining Review Guidelines

Pre-trip dining plan threads will be closed when the actual trip begins

Dining reviews have a shelf life of 3 months, once you begin your review. So if you go in January, you beging your dining review in March, please complete it by June.

Reviews only, any questions should be posted on the main Food Boards

For any reviews currently in progress, if they have been going less than 3 months, great! Keep going and can't wait to read the end.

More than 3 months - let's wrap it up folks!:teacher:

Thank you everyone and again, thank you for sharing your trips and food porn with us all :woohoo: