View Full Version : Shows on the Magic in the Mediterranean 2010

KLS Georgia
02-28-2010, 09:04 PM
Hi everyone. We were looking into what and when shows were on our cruise. I know the Let the Magic Begin, The Golden Mickeys, Disney Dreams, Twice Charmed (Cinderella), & Remember the Magic are all listed as shows on the Magic on the Disney Cruise website. Also, there will be a new show Disney Vllians and I have heard two things - 1 it is replacing the Golden Mickeys and 2 it is an extra show for longer cruises.

Here is a list of info on shows I found from the 11 night Med cruise in 2007. Does anyone have any more info?

Day 1 Barcelona - All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin
Day 2 Sea Day - The Golden Mickeys
Day 3 Palermo - Comedy & Ventriloquism
Day 4 Naples -On the Nose Game Show
Day 5 Olbia - The Art of the Story
Day 6 Civitavecchia - Movie Night: Pirates of the Caribbean
Day 7 Sea Day Prince & Princess Twice Charmed
Day 8 La Spezia - Crew Talent Show
Day 9 Marseilles - When Mickey Dreams
Day 10 Villefranche - Disney Dreams
Day 11 Sea Day - Till We Meet Again Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell

02-28-2010, 10:26 PM
The Golden Mickeys is no longer on the Magic. Villains Tonight Is in rehearsals now and will premiere on board at the end of March. It will be the 3rd full-scale show. There will likely be a couple of extra stage shows on the Med. cruises, but I haven't seen any info on them yet.