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02-27-2010, 10:23 AM
Hey again, this is another review from our June 2009 trip (I know, I know, it's just a little late!! ;))

This time...Crystal Palace

We've been to Disney so many times, but we've never tried Crystal Palace. We are not into buffets in general, so I think we usually stayed away from it. (Actually, I almost never like buffets...something about them makes me always a little uneasy...food being out for long periods of time, other people possibly touching your food at the bar, etc). Since we were on the DDP this time and could try more places, we decided to go for it.

We arrived for our 3:35 ressie a few minutes early (the only way I can remember the time is because I still have the very detailed spreadsheet I made for the last trip...way too much free time to plan! :rotfl:) Anyways, we only waited a few minutes and were then seated. We scheduled for 3:35 so that we had the first dinner seating b/c that's when all the food just came out (and is freshest in my opinion) and b/c then the meal works for a lunch/dinner.

The server came over and was friendly. She wasn't around so much but I think that's how it is at a buffet. We each ordered milk, I think, and my mom and I got some coffee. We then headed up to the buffet to see what was available. They had quite an array of salads (regular and noodle), two soups (I don't any of us got soup though), and quite a few selections for your main meal. To my surprise, I really liked the steak they had. I like mine more well down and so the carver offered to slice a piece off and grill it a little more for me. How nice! :goodvibes We all got quite an array of food and made a few trips up to try more things. (check out the pics)

The dessert were okay. I think they had some sort of apple crisp and pie. I don't really remember having too much though, so I don't think I was that impressed.

Overall though, the food was good and I felt good about eating it (I mean, it didn't feel old or dirty like buffets sometimes feel to me). The food was fresh and tasty. However, although it was good for a buffet, the restaurant cannot compare with the TS sit-down restaurants. It just can't. It was the only buffet we ate at all week and it was my least favorite meal (same goes for my sis and mom). For the same amount of money (or credits), you could eat at Liberty Tree Tavern (I know it's kinda buffet, but not really since it's brought to your table) in MK or Le Cellier in Epcot. When you compare it like that, it seems like such a waste to eat at Crystal Palace!! I do realize that we're three adult women and that CP might be great for families with children during a long day in MK. The characters are there and we did get to meet them all as they came around to the tables. I guess it's really just depends on what you're looking for in a restaurant.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food. If you like character buffets, you'll probably like Crystal Palace. But for my family, we won't be going back again.





02-27-2010, 10:50 AM
We love Crystal Palace for breakfast. Next time get an ADR before the park opens and head there for breakfast. It is really good and you get some time on Main Street without the crowds and can get great photos in front of the castle without the crowds. The puffy french toast on the breakfast buffet is really good!

Glad you enjoyed it! Nothing like a hug from Winnie the Pooh to brighten your day.

02-27-2010, 11:54 AM
yeah crystal palace was good but i would rather go to chef mickey's if we has to go to a buffet. i like mickey better than pooh :)

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03-02-2010, 08:38 PM
From one Michigander (Michiganian?) to another--great review! :thumbsup2

Disney owl
04-04-2010, 06:57 AM
thanks for the review

04-04-2010, 07:03 AM
We love the CP for breakfast - Pooh & bacon, what could be bad? :woohoo:

I have always thought about an early dinner there, but I'm also not a huge buffet lover and wasn't sure it was for us. Maybe we'll try it now, thanks for your review!

04-04-2010, 01:35 PM
We are going to CP for the 1st time this trip!!! We are looking forward to it! Great pics. and thanks for sharing!!:thumbsup2

04-04-2010, 06:07 PM
We love it there and we really liked the food!

Cookie Princess
04-04-2010, 06:46 PM
We have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner at CP. We LOVE the breakfast and skip the other meals now. We schedule an 8:05 meal before the park opens. It is GREAT!:lovestruc

04-12-2010, 09:57 PM
We're eating there our first day at Disney. Thanks for the review!:banana::banana: