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02-24-2010, 02:19 PM
Hey everyone...I am no stranger to the Disney Cruises (been on 6 so far) but Hubby and I are possibly going to be doing a back to back cruise on the wonder (since the magic is going overseas) for our anniversary this year...and I do have a couple of questions.

How does it work? I know that the first part of the cruise is like normal...go to port, do paperwork, check in and the what nots, but what about the second section of the cruise? (say we do a 4 day and then a 3 day..or vise versa)

do we have to get off the ship for customs after the first cruise? If so then what do we do with all the time? Do we have to wait in terminal till they reload again at 11:30 or so or do we get to stay on the ship? Do we have to redo all the paperwork for the second cruise then or can we do all the paperwork during the first cruise? I just dont understand how it all works...

Also for the second cruise we still do the Life boat drill again right?

I am hoping we can get the same cabin for both cruises and if that is the case, are we allowed to keep our belongings in our cabin? Do we have to notify our room steward of this? And we wouldnt put our luggage outside the door for the last night of the first part of the cruise correct?

sorry there are so many questions. I just would like to be prepared for this cruise as it will be our FIRST back to back cruise and I do not really know how this all works :goodvibes Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup2

02-24-2010, 03:02 PM
I've written this up several times, as have others...maybe try a search?

You will get an instruction sheet about the B2B in your cabin on the last night of the first leg. It does vary a little based on how many people are doing B2Bs. In our case, it was us and one other cabin, so we did not have an "escort," etc. as we had read.

Basically, you are doing 2 separate cruises. You do not have to take your luggage off. If you have the same cabin for both legs, luggage can stay in the cabin. If changing rooms, your luggage will be held at GS (they have a storage area behind the counter place) and will be in your new cabin at 1:30. You DO NOT put your luggage out on the last night. We were told to call GS and someone would pick it up in the morning, but they never answered the phone so we took it down ourselves.

You have to get off the ship about 9:15. You will literally walk thru Customs, back up the stairs, and into the main part of the terminal. There, you will sit around for a few minutes till about 9:45-10 when they are ready to start check in. You will do the check in process and security photos again (people years ago didn't have to do this, but with the security photos, you do.) OH...and you will literally be the first person at the terminal if you want to buy an upgrade on the second leg. You are then allowed to board the ship before the terminal opens to new incoming traffic.

On the ship, you have access to most public areas. If you kept the same room, you also can use your cabin. Food is available in the Cove Cafe and the beverage station. The pools are open as soon as they finish cleaning them. Lunch starts at 11:45.

Yes, you have to do a second lifeboat drill--Coast Guard requirement.

02-24-2010, 03:11 PM
Thank you so kindly for your reply :goodvibes

Sorry guess I should have used the search feature :headache: I keep forgetting about it for some reason (should make a mental note to use it first before asking a question) :rolleyes1

I appreciate your help :hug:

02-24-2010, 03:25 PM
My reason for suggestion a search was not to be mean....I can only report MY experience, and I know this is a situation where the procedure varies. When there are a lot of people doing B2Bs, they have the people meet and escort them off and thru the process as a group.

I would suggest that you ignore any report of B2B from more than 2 years ago--I know the policy changed at the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009 with the advent of the security photos.

You will have a repeat of menus, shows, etc. We really prefer the 7 night, but we were in a situation where we couldn't do the 7 night; we couldn't get there till late Sat night. Prices vary...in our case, the 4/3 was actually cheaper than a 7 for the same week. Others have reported higher costs for the B2B.

02-24-2010, 03:41 PM
Yea we also would prefer a 7 day but unfortunately wont get the opportunity since the Magic is going to be overseas at the time :guilty:So we are going to try the 4/3 B2B cruise on the wonder...its either that or nothing (or just a 4 or just a 3 day with Disney) and since we live in FL we wanted to do the cruise (we favor that over Disney just a tad).

No I didnt at all take offense at your response to do a search :hug: I always forget about it for some reason and I know I should technically use it anyways because it would help prevent so many threads on the same topic :goodvibes I will also do a search to see if there is anything else that I can find out about back 2 back cruises :grouphug: but thank you kindly for letting me know that the policy has changed since 08/09 so that I dont rely too heavily upon information before that :thumbsup2