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02-23-2010, 09:12 PM
Last year we (DH & DW) went to POP for a week in December. While we were trying to decide if POP with QS or Port with TS was a better dealm we were offered TS at POP (I have no idea why)

This year I am going with DD for 4D/4N. She would probably eat better at QS than TS. Besides I figure we will spend more time in the parks than eating. It occurs to me however that we will need to do at least 1 if nor 2 Character breakfasts.

So here is where I cant do math.

If I get POP with QS and the only TS I want is 1 or 2 breakfasts, am I better off upgrading to a moderate hotel or just buying a breakfast or 2?

If there is no FD, am I better staying off property and eating at BK or MCD which is probably what DD wants anyway?


02-24-2010, 05:18 PM
The price difference to upgrade from a free QSDP to the DDP for four nights, 1 adult & 1 child (ages 3-9) is only $48. You will spend at least that at 1 TS breakfast. Just because you have TS meals, doesn't mean you have to spend them as TS credits. Many have said that they have had luck paying for a QS meal with a TS credit. Doing this will be WAY cheaper than upgrading from a value to a mod.

As for staying off site... me personally, I'm not a fan. I love being on property, and right in the middle of everything! :rotfl: And if you are off site, you can't do the dining plan, so all food is out of pocket. I also like to have it ALL paid for before we go, with only minimal cash needed for tips & such.