View Full Version : Old Key West Resort (1brm Suite) worth it?

02-22-2010, 05:59 PM
We are traveling for a short stay (3 nights) and they are looking for $304 for the Villa. We would split it with my parents and 3yo son.

I'm afraid its a little too close for comfort....ya know?

02-22-2010, 06:07 PM
I could not possibly do a 1 br with my parents. OKW is a big 1 BR, but they just operate dif than us on vacation. Just the fight over the bathroom and a/c would do us in. We go 1 or 2x a year with them. We stay at value or mods and get 2 rooms.

02-22-2010, 06:11 PM
EXACTLY my fear!!! But I was thinking that might be worth the location. The thought of sharing a bathroom gives me anxiety, just thinking about it. Lord. But we cant afford to stay there and both get rooms.

So I'm thinking of PC or CSR.

02-22-2010, 06:45 PM
We love OKW, but this time we booked BLT 1 bedroom because of the 2 bathrooms. I am going with my sister and my kids and the two bathrooms will come in handy. BLT is more $$ than OKW but we decided this trip we would go for it. Next time it will be back to 2 studios at OKW. We love the size of the studios there and how quiet the resort is. Maybe you could do 2 studios at OKW.

02-22-2010, 07:37 PM
An OKW 1br is really nice, but you need to be "comfortable" with the people you are with. If it is not a weekend you might be able to rent a reservation (points) for a 2BR from a DVC member for not much more.


02-22-2010, 11:12 PM
Clearly I love OKW, and would encourage anyone to stay there, BUT not four adults in a one bedroom. Not forgetting about the child, either.

It's the largest one bedroom accommodation on property (for DVC) but it's still not large enough for four adults.

I'd really suggest you go with a two bedroom, or two rooms at a value resort. Perhaps you could request the rooms be connected with the door between?