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01-19-2010, 11:52 AM
OK I need DISboard help. I have 3 kids (4,6&8) and we are staying at the beach club next week.. and now I'm thinking of maybe doing one dinner alone w/DH somewhere in the Epcot resort area (either in Epcot or the BW etc) for maybe 2-3 hours.

So I'm torn between having sitter come to the room OR having the kids go to the kids club at the BC/YC.

If we do the kids club - we are on the DDP so I guess that is one meal they wont be using, since its included in the babysitting service? I'm sure they will have plenty to do, and dinner will be served..and I feel safer that there will be more than one adult in the room etc. BUT if there are a few staff members working, do we tip one or tip them all? Or is it just the straight fee of $11.25?

OR If I choose the in-room sitter do you think they will be better off coming early like 6pm and playing with the kids? Or a late dinner after 8pm when the kids are asleep?

I've never used a sitter at WDW before... so thanks for any/all advice!!!

01-19-2010, 03:15 PM
We used the Beach Club Sandcastle Club last May and our three kids REALLY enjoyed it! (They were 9, 9, and 7 at the time.) My oldest didn't really want to go, they were complaining it would be too "babyish" but when we got back they all didn't want to leave! We used it near the end of the week and even though it was their 1st DW trip and they were having a great time I think they enjoyed the time away from us (and eachother!) I also believe that they missed playing with toys! The club had several different areas--a doll area, a puzzle/game area, tables for coloring, video games, etc. They could go their own ways and play with whatever interested them at the time. The kids enjoyed the caregivers, but we didn't tip. We felt the fee was expensive, but a fair price and didn't feel the need to pay extra. To be honest, I'm not even sure if there was a place to tip. We charged it to the room and I believe the bill was x many hours at y price per hour times 3 = A LOT! I guess they would take cash, but I don't know.

We didn't do the DDP, so I can't speak to that. I do know my kids enjoyed their meals. They did cute things like putting the ketchup on the plate in the shape of a hidden mickey and there were several options to choose from.

If you opt for the in-room care you could always order room service for the kids. Not sure how that affects the DDP, though.

We would do it again and might during our upcoming May 2010 trip. The kids did ask to go back, we're just not sure if it will fit into our plans yet.

Good luck with your decision!

01-19-2010, 03:21 PM
Our kids went to the Neverland Club at the Poly and loved it. They wanted to stay when we came to pick them up. You could pay OOP for your dinner out and then plan another TS for the family.

01-19-2010, 04:54 PM
I'm guessing that because we are on the DDP I would just pay OOP when we eat alone (probably right at the BW/BC/YC so we are nearby) and then we have the remaining TS credits for another night. If we ordered room service its 2 table credits per person - not worth it for me.

Seems like I am leaning toward the Sandcastle club - didnt realize we just charged it to the room..thats easy! Do you know if there is a minimum time? With the "kids nite out" I read online it was a min of 4 hours. We were thinking of just getting a quick dinner so I don't think we need that much time?

Its a lot more money than I would pay a sitter at home ($33/hour rather than the usual $10/hour) and I dont know if it will fit into my budget but I think that the kids would like it and my DH and I can have a meal by ourselves (NO CHICKEN NUGGETS and NO SPILLED MILK!):rotfl:

I just found a review on allears and people seem to rate it highly.

01-19-2010, 05:45 PM
I'm pretty sure the minimum time is 2 hrs. We walked into Epcot, had dinner and watched Illuminations with an adult drink in hand. Fun, romantic and WELL worth it, even though it is more than what we pay a sitter at home, too. (We also pay at least $10/hr.) I believe we were gone approx 3 hrs. Just beware--if you are 5 min. over the hour you are charged for the next hr. so you may as well stay out if it is close in time.

As I said earlier, our kids didn't even notice when we came into the room! They all had a ball and asked to go back later in the trip.

Enjoy your trip!