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07-25-2002, 01:13 PM
A friend has asked me to ask a question for her. She is getting ready to make reservations for her, her husband and two children. One of the children is 17 BUT will be 18 when they are in Disney. She really doesn't want to pay the extra adult cost (to her he is still just a kid). Do they ask for proof on how old your children are? My question is I am planning to go with four children so I need two rooms. Since one of my children will be 20 at the time, will I be charged for the extra adult since I am getting two rooms? My next question is I have read on these boards they do not promise connecting rooms unless you are with children. Will they consider that because my daughter is 20 I cannot be promised connecting rooms. Without keeping my family "connected" will be a major disappointment!!!! Thanks for listening and answering.

07-25-2002, 01:57 PM
As far as I know they will not ask for proof of age for kids. But the 18 yo is considered an adult in Disney's eyes (regardless of what we as parent feel).

The extra charge for adults is after 2 in ONE room. Since you will have two room, that would mean you could have up to 4 adults (18 & older). I believe that an adult (18 & older) has to be in each room.

I can not answer the Q on the adjoining rooms.

07-25-2002, 02:59 PM
They won't guarantee room requests. I'm sure that they will put you together if they can.

If there are more than 2 adults in one room they will charge you the extra fee. When you make reservations, they always ask the names/ages of the children.

WDW2002, my 10 year old has to have an adult park pass.:eek:

07-25-2002, 04:37 PM
An adult is considered 12 years old at Disney. 12 years old and you pay the full adult price.

07-25-2002, 07:25 PM
For room purposes, anyone over the age of 18 is considered an adult, and you are allowed 2 adults per room for the rate; each additional adult is $25 a night extra. I have heard that if you explain that the 18 year old is your child, and a dependent, and in school, that they will waive the fee. :):D:)

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07-25-2002, 07:53 PM
Originally posted by gepetto

WDW2002, my 10 year old has to have an adult park pass.:eek:
Mine too... ;)

07-25-2002, 09:13 PM
Everyones 10 year old has an adult pass for the parks. The adult issue in the room is quite different. I think you will have a good chance of getting connecting rooms. They won't guarantee them but you most likely will get them. Good Luck.

07-25-2002, 09:40 PM
I too have 4 kids and stayed at POR In early June and had connecting rooms, my oldest was 16 and they considered her a Junior on the reservations. I hope this helps, and didn't check ID"s , She looks older than she is too.
I hope this helps.

07-26-2002, 09:01 AM
This is a great reason to consider buying DVC. No extra adult in the room charges :) If you rent points from a DVC'er it's the same thing.


07-26-2002, 09:24 PM
I, too, wondered how to handle this when I was on my last WDW vacation. I had asked my parents to join my young daughter and me during our stay at the AKL. Technically, there were three adults and one child in our party, but I was also the "child" of my parents (so, two adults, and two "children"). Hhhhmmmm... I decided to reserve a one-bedroom suite. That way there could be four adults in the room without incurring any additional room charges. Maybe your friends could consider staying in a suite or a DVC one-bedroom villa. That way they wouldn't be breaking any rules and could have a worry-free vacation.

07-27-2002, 11:59 AM
Thank you for all your replies. I am going to tell my friend about Cindala's advice. Maybe Disney would wave the fee for her and she doesn't have to lie about her kid's age. Since the 18 year old is in school and dependent, it makes sense. Of course all of this is in reference to room fees, not admission fees.

When it is time to book my vacation I will follow all the advice here and make my requests and then fax them again. From what everyone says here, more percentage of people get what they ask then don't. I will keep my fingers crossed.