View Full Version : NYE week 2010 Dec 26th-3rd.

Mini Sorcerer's Mom
01-10-2010, 03:14 PM
We are planning on going NYE week 2010 and I am hoping to get either BLT or BWV for that week. I know both are VERY difficult to get.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone had any luck getting either of those resorts at the 7 month period?

2. Are one bedrooms the easiest to get?

3. Do you think walking the reservation, starting in mid-December might help. My only concern with this is losing the reservation at AKV that I am planning to book at the 11 month, to make certain I have something.

4. You can no longer find out from MS which resorts, other than your home, are available, does anyone know a way to do so?


01-10-2010, 04:45 PM
So you own at AKV? If so then walking a reservation at the 7 months mark does not work the same as at 11 months. At 11 months once you have a room booked you are set b/c no one else can book ahead of you. At 7 months all the owners at BWV or BLT could have booked the room prior to your trying to reserve.

I do not have any experience with the NYE week but have gotten both BWV and BLT at 7 months (or less) at other times of the year.