View Full Version : Likelihood of cash reservation room at 11 months

01-07-2010, 11:51 PM
I am in the process of planning an 11 person grand gathering trip for 2011 to BLT. We should have enough points for a 2 bdr to accomodate 7 of us, but I would like to also get a 1 brm for my parents and brothers. It seems easiest to just book theirs as a cash reservation, but I would prefer to do so through MS both to get the discount and also so their KTTW cards read DVC for access to TOWL. When booking cash reservation rooms through MS, is there generally good availability if I call at the 11 month mark, or do the cash rooms usually only open up closer to the travel dates? Thank you

01-08-2010, 06:46 AM
I think that it depends on when you go. Also, with BLT and the fact that it is new, there might not be a set pattern yet as to how it will work with this resort.

My understanding is that the availability of cash rooms are based sometimes on dates when it has been determined that demand is lower.

01-08-2010, 07:43 AM
Thanks Sandi. Of course now as I was lying in bed this morning, it hit me that maybe I should consider adding on a small 50 point contract. If I banked the 2010 points, used the 2011 points, and borrowed the 2012 points we would be able to cover the 1 brm and have another 47 years to use the points. And I am strating to convince myself that it isn't "that much more" expensive than if I end up paying for a cash room out of pocket. So this is how addonitis starts, better start saving my pennies!:scared1: