View Full Version : Cab from port to the World??

01-03-2010, 10:59 AM
When we get off our cruise in April, we plan on getting a cab to the BLT. My question is whether we should arrange for a cab or will there be plenty there? We usually hail a cab from the airport to the hotel, but we are unsure about the cruise port cab availability. TIA!!! :thumbsup2

01-03-2010, 11:07 AM
Are you aware of what a cab from the port to WDW will cost?

I'd arrange a car service in advance or plan on using the DCL bus. There will be plenty of cabs sitting there ready to take your money, but the drive is about an hour. You CAN bargain with the cab driver (actually the guy at the cab stand) in advance. People have reported saying that they'd pay $80 to get to the airport and having a cab agree to it.

01-03-2010, 11:25 AM
Thanks for the quick response!! Cost is definitely a factor... does anyone happen to have the prices for a cab to WDW from the port? My rough guesstimates are that the DCL transportation is $40 pp (x3 for us), the taxi would be about $110 and a car service would be a little more. We are figuring on a taxi being readily available (original post) and easier than the DCL bus. Thanks again!! :)

01-03-2010, 11:30 AM
DCL bus is $35 per person. "Normal" cab fare from port to MCO is over $120 (as above, you can negotiate in advance). WDW is about 20 minutes farther than MCO.

Your other option (less convenient but MUCH cheaper) is a one way car rental with pick up at Cape Canaveral and drop off near WDW (Budget is at the Doubletree by Downtown Disney, Avis at the Hilton).