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01-01-2010, 05:24 AM
Hi sorry to be a pain, but I am once again seeking clarification on something I expect I really should know the answer to!!!:lmao:

Next week I can finally book my own first ever DVC trip for Dec 2010 :santa:(I booked a stay for my mom last week - thanks again Carol for all of your help on that one!!:thumbsup2).

We are planning on an 11 night booking, but we have points at both BLT and AKV and will be wanting a split stay. Can I book all of this in one go?? (if I can't book it, is that because there is a maximum number of nights you can book in one go, or would I have to ring twice anyway due to it being two separate resorts?)

Finally, I have flights booked from 11th Dec, but am probably planning on staying somewhere else on our first night as we arrive late. However, I know if I change my mind the chances of getting an extra night at BLT later on is risky, so I was thinking of booking 7 nights at 11 months, and then cancelling the first night if I need to (I would make sure I did this as soon as possible to free up the room for someone else:)). My question is - Is it possible to just cancel off the first nights booking, or do I have to cancel the whole reservation and risk losing it - If the rest of my booking is even slightly at risk then I won't even consider booking the first night (hope that makes sense!);)

Anyway, sorry for the long message, but many thanks for taking the time to read it!!:lovestruc

01-01-2010, 07:00 AM
1. You can only book 7 nights exactly 11 months out from date of arrival.

2. For split stays you cannot book all at once at exactly 11 months out. You call exactly 11 months out and book for one resort nights you want (up to seven). Then call exactly 11 months out from date of changeover to other resort to book the second resort.

3. You can later drop one or more consecutive days at beginning of trip or at end of trip and you don't lose rest of reservation.

01-01-2010, 07:51 AM
thanks ever so much for your reply - very clear (unlike my garbled questions!!):goodvibes - many thanks!:thumbsup2