View Full Version : Travel time from Windsor Hills

12-29-2009, 11:56 PM
Trying to decide how early we will need to leave Windsor Hills to arrive at the parks prior to opening. I'd like to be at the turnstiles at 8:30 a.m. for a 9 a.m. opening. Can someone tell me how long to allow for travel to each park? Also, are their alternate/faster routes than my GPS will show me that I should know about?

Thanks in advance!

12-30-2009, 08:00 AM
For MK allow at least 45 minutes to get to rope drop.
For DHS via World Dr it will only take you 10 minutes at the most to the parking lot and another 5 minutes or so into the park.
For AK via Sherberth Rd you can be in the parking lot in 7 minutes, so add on another 5 minutes or so to get from there to the rope drop area.
For Epcot it will take you 15 minutes or so to the parking lot and another 5 minutes or so to the entrance.
Mostly depends on traffic and how far out you have to park.
If there's lots of traffic on 192 you can take Sherberth Rd into the parks. It's the fastest way to AK but you can also access the other parks from there.
On this map it's the red line from Windsor Hills.