View Full Version : Anyone stay at Shades of Green lately?

12-27-2009, 10:29 PM
We stayed there back in 2001 and liked the resort but the restaurant wasn't the greatest. Understand they have undergone a major rehab and expansion since then. Can anyone give me an update on the resort and dining experience there?

Looking at staying three nights in WDW after a DCL cruise next year and SoG is way more affordable than WDW Deluxe or Moderates.

12-28-2009, 09:22 PM
Does June 2009 count?

Can't comment on the food since we did not eat there. Spring/Summer comments were not very flattering regarding the food.

The new wing has rooms that are very nice. The main difference is the bathroom. It is much larger, has twin sinks, and 2 doors. One door for privacy between the sink and the hallway, and another door between the sink area and the toilet/shower area.

This allows mixed ages and sexes to make maximum use of the bathroom.

If current food comments are mixed, you could always eat at the Poly.

12-28-2009, 09:34 PM
We were just there a few weeks ago...we stay there a lot...anyway they just sent me a survey to do for them and the food was a huge issue for us. they took away evergreens....big mistake in our opinion. we dont like to eat Garden Gallery except for breakfast buffet, normally we ate at the express cafe...pretty good food and then we would eat the rest of our meals at the parks. once we ate at Manginos for our anniversary and that was very nice. they dont have really anything great for a quick snack(grab and go at Disney resorts) at night besides vending machines...no thanks, you can get rm service but its expensive and not worth it. They did a GREAT job on the renovations but the food options suck! The resorts rooms are great, some still have only one sink with no door between sink area and tub area...we got one of those this past stay and we quickly called down to the desk and said we requested a dble sink due to 5 in our room 3 being teens! They quickly gave us another room. There are 2 restaurants, one express cafe, one ice cream parlor, starbucks kiosk and a snack bar by the magnolia pool. a large parking garage, we never need to use it though Aafees store, banquet rooms, guest services, newer buses since you were there, the grounds are beautiful as ever

12-28-2009, 11:00 PM
It's a beautiful resort. I stayed there years ago when it was the Disney Inn (a deluxe property). Our recent stay at SOG was every bit as nice. Our room was very nice, and the staff was friendly. The ice cream parlor is great!!!!! Did I mention GREAT! Great quality of ice cream, and a multitude of toppings. Also, I appreciated the Starbucks stand near the lobby. Compared to the Nescafe swill that is served in most WDW resorts, this was a treat. The remainder of the food was... ok. We ate twice at Evergreens. Both times it was easy, and convenient as opposed to traveling elsewhere in WDW for a meal. The food was fine, just nothing to get exicted about.

Following a DCL cruise you will enjoy SOG. After our 4 DCL cruises the biggest shock to reality was dining (no matter where we were at WDW, or off property restaurants, etc). First of all the wait staff won't fuss over you like they do on DCL, and then worst of all they insist on bringing you a bill!

Have a great time at SOG!

12-31-2009, 07:31 PM
Thanks for all the replies. I'm pretty sure we will stay at SoG since you just can't beat the price on Disney property for the quality. Would like to do a WDW deluxe but they are just too expensive!!!