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12-27-2009, 01:13 AM
DH and I are leaving in about 3 weeks for a triple split stay. First night at the Poly, second night at the WL, and the next 7 nights at POR. We booked using our 35% mod/40% deluxe PIN offer, then added 10-day park-hoppers and the dining plan to our POR reservation. We know that we have three separate reservations and that the dining plan only applies to the POR one. We are fine with that, as all of our ADRs are during our POR stay and we plan to eat OOP at less expensive places the first 2 days. A few questions have arisen due to the multiple reservations, though:

1.) We have an ADR for lunch at Teppan Edo on the day we are checking out of WL and into POR. We were hoping to go to EMH at Epcot that morning and stay through lunch. However, since we want to use the dining plan for this meal, do we have to go check in at POR that morning before lunch to use it? Or is there any way to activate the dining plan from a park or from the WL?

2.) The park tickets are attached to our POR reservation, but we intend to use them the first two days also. From what I understand, we can go to guest services at the MK on our first day and get our tickets early. Sounds like it is kind-of a pain, but do-able. Has anyone done this? Is guest services inside the park and, if so, how would we get in to do this without tickets in hand? Also, we are planning to upgrade to AP, as we are hoping to visit a few more times in 2010. When is the best time to do this? Can we just do this when we get the tickets? Or will that cancel our DDP? We are thinking about getting the TIW card (mostly for future trips), so if we can upgrade to AP right away, we can use TIW on our OOP meals the first couple days.

3.) We plan to purchase a refillable mug. I'm seeing conflicting things about it though. I thought I read that the mugs can only be used at the resort at which they are purchased. But I also read that all the resorts are using the same mugs. So, do we have to wait until we get to POR to get one or can we get one at the Poly and bring it with us for the remainder of our trip?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

12-27-2009, 04:15 AM
1. Can't be done. Your dining plan credits will be on your POR room keys. The only way to use DP credits to pay for a meal is to have checked in for the appropriate stay.

2. EVERY park has a Guest Services location both inside and outside the park.

3. Mugs are for use during the specific visit, is, I suppose, the best way to describe the current policy. Mugs purchased at the Polynesian on Sunday can be used at WL Monday and POR the next however many consecutive days.

12-27-2009, 07:06 AM
1. The morning EMH can be done if you check in at POR EARLY in the A.M. then catch the bus over to the park. Your room may not be ready that early but you can get your kttw card from POR that has your dining credits.

2. Can't help you with the AP upgrade, but it SHOULDN'T hurt your dining plan as AP holders can purchase dining plan anyway now should they choose to.

12-28-2009, 01:08 AM
Thanks for the advice. Sounds like we'll have to decide whether or not to be up super-early (after a possible late night in the MK) to check into POR before Epcot's EMH or just take it easy, forget about the EMH, and arrive at Epcot in time for lunch. Since we're relying on Disney transportation, is there any "easy" way to get from WL to POR early in the morning (before EMH at 8am)? I'm guessing not? That might make the decision for us.

Since it shouldn't affect the dining, seems like it makes sense to get the AP upgrade and TIW card on our first day there, so we can take advantage of the discounts.

And I think we'll pick up a refillable mug at the Poly and use it through our stay...yea :yay:

Thanks for the help! Only 3 weeks and we'll be doing this!

12-28-2009, 05:29 AM
The easiest way to get from WL to POR early in the morning would be to take a taxi.