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11-30-2009, 09:28 AM
h guys me and my gf have just booked our first ever trip to wdw we go in oct for 2 weeks.

we are staying at wdw and have got the dinning plan, we have a car and all our tickets and pretty much planned what days we are going to the parks etc

we have done dlrp a few times so i know the main tips and stuff but just getting a bit confussed about the whole dinning plan and if you really need to plan meals out and if you really do need to plan every last min of your hoilday

also im not a massive ride fan but have mangaed to do crush coster, idian jones at dlrp as well as rita, air and nemis at alton towers so has anyone got any adivce on the big rides i have watched videos and the main ride i think i will find hard is kraken and hulk

11-30-2009, 09:52 AM
Oct is my fave time of year. Still great weather and halloween events.

Where you staying?

For planning meals it depends where you want to eat, popular places like LeCellier have to be booked months in advance expecially if you want certain times. Other places like Trails end we have walked in and got a table within minutes more than once.

We make a planner so we roughly know what we are doing but it changes often due to weather, how tired we are, if friends invite us anywhere etc.
Some people plan down to which rides they are going to do each day and approx times they will ride them. Others don't plan a thing. Our May trip this year was unplanned. Just got flights and hotel and planned nothing.

Happy Planning:goodvibes

11-30-2009, 12:54 PM
If you have some specific restaurants you want to eat at, try and plan those and make your ADR's the full 180 days in advance. If nothing else, booking far ahead gives you a greater option for times. I don't like to eat dinner at 4.20 pm for example.

I assume, since you have the dining plan, that you are staying onsite. Remember that onsite guests can book at 180 days for RESORT CHECK IN DATE for the first 10 days of your stay. The advantage is not having to phone, go online make a reservation for every day one day at a time. You will often see this perk referred to as the 180+10 ADR rule. Happy planning!:thumbsup2

We are going next October too. Where are you staying?

11-30-2009, 01:11 PM
we are staying at colorado springs we have the quick sevice dinning plan but we plan on doing one of the dinner show i think maybe the bbq one any chance u can use DP on that.

but when it comes to the rest of the eating but i have no idea where i want to eat all i know is that its going to be a big part of the hoilday lol

11-30-2009, 01:47 PM
No you can't use QSDP for any of the dinner shows. If eating is a big part of your holiday I highly recommend upgrading to regular DDP, who you booked with? Disney.co.uk charge 7pppd to upgrade. No way could I spend 2 week in Disney eating QSDP. There are so many great places to eat at for table service, if you enjoy your food then upgrading is a must.
There are some very good QS places to eat (Wolfgang Puck Express probably about the best) but 2 weeks twice a day would not be for me.
Link to the regular DDP leaflet if you have not seen it. http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/media/wdw_nextgen/CoreCatalog/WaltDisneyWorld/en_us/PDF/2009%20Disney%20Dining%20Plan%20-%20Walt%20Disney%20World.pdf

11-30-2009, 03:34 PM
we booked it with first choice so im not sure if we could upgrade it but to be honest we dont plan on using it everyday just the days we go to disney packs which is about half as we got the dinning plan free

11-30-2009, 03:43 PM
I would recommend going to some of the disney hotels for counter service meals. We like Gaspirollos at Grand Floridian hotel and Polynesian Captain Cooks is good for flatbreads. You must go to Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney for sandwiches, they are the best.

Dont also forgot that you can use counter service for breakfasts too:thumbsup2

Have fun planning - as it is the best place to go on holiday:cool1:

11-30-2009, 03:55 PM
yeah we are having loads of fun planning but getting a lil bit confussed lol

the plan so far is maybe to use it for breakfest and lunch and then buy a meal somewhere at night

so you can def not save up points and use them as a sit down meal or show or even use them the next days because for the day we go to sea world we would not use any of the points as we will have breakfest, lunch and dinner in the sea world area.

11-30-2009, 05:09 PM
You definitely can't turn Counter service credits into Table service.
Credits don't have to be used daily you will have 28 (2 x 14 days) plus 28 snack credits per person. If you wanted you can use them all on 1 day, upto you when you use them, anytime from checking in to midnight on day you check out.

As for not going into the parks to eat in evenings there are just as many(probably more) table service restaurants in the resorts. You can easily spend a day at Seaworld or Universal then go back get changed at eat in a resort. You can also do that with counter service if you don't upgrade, places like Port Orleans have fantastic food courts with a great choice.

12-01-2009, 02:20 AM
ok cool thanks for all this is that 28 per person as well do all the food court serve the same things or are they all different.

and is there any just to afford because i know this sounds stupid but im thinking at lunch and stuff it would be nice to get a way from all the hyper kids lol because when we go to dlrp we eat in bbq resurtnate or the pirates one as we have found them a bit more chilled out,

we done the pizza plant once that was just a distate lol

12-01-2009, 02:28 AM
October is a great time to go :thumbsup2

Some of my fave CS places are Columbia harbor house in Magic Kingdom and Sunshine seasons at Epcot.

12-01-2009, 03:40 AM
its the first 2 weeks in oct that we go

i also have to decide between going in a shark cage or mickey not so scary hallown party lol

12-01-2009, 04:37 AM
1st 2 week in Oct shouldn't be busy anywhere, its a quiet time of year.
2 meal credits per person per day, if you are spending time in other parks, doing a dinner show etc you will have probably have credits left over.

There is a wide choice of food, we enjoyed the 2 at the Port Orleans resorts, neither overly busy in August. Wolfgang puck express at DTD was busy but its more like table service, they bring the food out when ready.
Same as Natalie we also like Columbia harbor house.

Have a look at menus on here http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/dining/diningdetail.cfm?Restaurant.ID=297
this one is at PO our sons fave meal was here, create you your own pasta meal, just tell them what ingredients you want and they make it for you.

Never done sharks, done MNSSHP a few times, really enjoy but they are 2 totally different things, wouldn't know what to advise there.

12-01-2009, 05:32 AM
tbh im hoping to be able to do both lol we have saving very hard for this hoilday it really will be a once in a life time hoilday as we have no kids or anything lol

thanks for all the help on the meal stuff its been really good i have a few ideas where i want to eat im def doing earl of sandwich at dtd and then a few off site like the forste grump

12-01-2009, 07:57 AM
also what is the water like to drink out there

12-01-2009, 08:06 AM
Its perfectly safe to drink but it has an unusual taste. All the parks have water fountains to drink from but they tend to be poor, there are the odd ones that are not too bad, with cold water, others are poor and warm water.
We buy from Publix, they sell a gallon for $1.19 pour into smaller bottles and freeze to take to the parks, by midday- mid afternoon on a hot day you have nice ice cold water.
In parks bottled water is a crazy price, about $3. You can use your snack credits for them but we don't.
Other option in parks is ask for a cup of iced tap water, they will give you it free.

12-01-2009, 08:08 AM
also what is the water like to drink out there

As far as drinking from taps in hotel rooms not great in my experience, you won't be sick or ill drinking any tap water but generally always better drinking bottled. It comes out kind of frothy or bubbly - sounds daft but can't think of a better way of putting it.

All the parks have water fountains, where the water is fine to drink, but overall it's best to drink bottled which you can buy cheap from the supermarkets.

12-15-2009, 04:27 AM
im sooooooooo happy i thought i had lost my passport but thank god i have now found it lol thats 80 saved