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11-17-2009, 08:23 PM
We are camping at FW in March of 2010. From March 9th – 14th.

On to my introductions:

Happy – Me (31)

I am the only one (on our trip) that has ever been to WDW and that was when I was four (so my mom says). But I remember tons about it. I found out recently that one of the nightmares that I’ve had all my life was actually a ride I went on while at Epcot. It was the Seas one that they had a long time ago, that at the end of the ‘ride’ it acts like you are going to be trapped under water and drown :rolleyes1. I’m sure that it seemed so real because I was so young… But I can not wait to go back, because I have tons of good memories of the place. I can’t wait until my kids have some really awesome memories of their very own. :cool1: My favorite Disney Character is Ariel.

Grumpy – DH (31)
Really his is my high school sweat heart/long term boyfriend, but that’s really corny to write out every single time, so DH it is. He is my best friend and soul mate. He thinks he knows everything and has his opinion about everything known to everyone. I call him my Grumpy bear, because he works swing shift and when he is on Midnights he really fits the description :lmao:. His favorite Disney Character is Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.


11-17-2009, 08:27 PM
Doc – DD 13 http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww198/Jasperann_1978/2009-10-25-15-36-50-p_00093.jpg– She is my know it all. She has an answer for anything that anyone says. She is very smart and on her student council, involved with the builders club (which is a community helping club), science club, and book club (although she hates reading…so I’m not sure how long that will last). Her Favorite Disney Character is Tinker Bell.

Dopey – DD 6 http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww198/Jasperann_1978/2009-10-24-15-00-12-100_4019.jpg– She is my clumsy child, she trips on air. She is also the most caring of all of my kids and makes sure no one feels left out. She loves to make friends with anyone around her age. Her favorite Disney Character is Cinderella; she has been Cinderella for three years in a row for Halloween. That is how much she loves her.

Sneezy – DD 5 http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww198/Jasperann_1978/2009-10-24-15-01-55-100_4024.jpg– She is my drama queen. She has allergies so Sneezy works for her. She loves dressing up. Like her oldest sister she also has the ‘know it all’ bug. I believe they both get this trait from their daddy. She is very very very intelligent, she usually helps my DD 6 with her homework. Her favorite Disney Character is Belle.

Sleepy – DS 3 http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww198/Jasperann_1978/2009-10-24-15-01-13-100_4021.jpg– He is my cuddling child. He loves to play with cars and watch Mickey Mouse Club House along with a lot of other things. His favorite Disney Character(s) are Pooh, Tigger, and Goofy. (he pronounces Goofy as Poopy so that should be interesting…lol)

Bashful – DCousin more like a DD (18) http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww198/Jasperann_1978/2009-10-23-19-11-04-100_3944-1.jpg– She has been like an adoptive daughter to me since her father and her brother moved in with me when she was eight. (They no longer live with us) She babysits for me every other weekend, so we are still close. She is very shy and usually takes a while to warm up to people she doesn’t know. She is in all honors classes and in her senior year of High School. She also is the Stage Manger for her High School Plays and Marching Chief of her School Band. Her favorite Disney Character is Tinker Bell or Donald Duck.

11-17-2009, 08:31 PM
Wow... don't notice the messy house. We had a party the night before for my DD 13 and we didn't have a chance to clean... lol How embarrassing.

I will be back tomorrow morning to add more information. :goodvibes:goodvibes:blush::blush:

11-18-2009, 09:06 AM
Okay on to how this trip came about.. Once upon a time. Actually it was about two years ago. My DH and I were watching some TV around Christmas time and a Disney commercial came on. I looked at him and said I want to go there. (Now would be good) He responded with when our DS is 3 we can go so that he will be able to enjoy it as much as everyone else :confused3. (Since we will most likely not be able to afford another vacation like this for a long time... that was his reasoning at least) So about 6 months ago I brought it up again.. :rolleyes1 He thought I was joking I guess. Because when I got the school schedule for the girls and realized that they had a couple of days off in March I was all for it. Because after all DS will be turning three January 30th, and he said when DS was three. :lmao: So I talked DH into going down to AAA with me to check into the vacation packages ;). (by that time I had already found this site and priced the vacation packages online..) We are a camping family, so camping was really what we wanted to do, and with so many people it was the cheapest.

When we left AAA that day we had booked our very first family Vacation to WDW for March. :cloud9: That was when I could really get started planning. So I came back to the DIS boards and got to work :surfweb:. I enjoyed reading other TRs and seeing how other people thought about different things. I was getting pretty excited. :cool1:

Then I found out that October 27th (one day after my Birthday) that we could make our ADRs for our trip.. :confused: I was lost and back to DIS I came. I found out lots of things from the Dining Boards. I was set on eating at the castle, because that is one thing that I could remember NOT doing when I was four and I wanted my kids to have the chance to eat there...

ADRs made and changed coming up...

11-18-2009, 09:32 AM
So I was one of the crazy people that woke up early to try and get online reservations on October 27th. Only to find out that the online system was down... So I then became one of the crazy people that decided that the world was going to end if I didn't get my ADRs right when they became available. :lmao: I started calling at 7am... got lots of busy sounds and the man's voice telling me that all lines are busy... blah blah blah. I gave my fingers a rest from hitting end/talk while I took the girls to school. Then I got back and got right back to it. :surfweb: The ADR boards for that day kept me calling, because some people were getting things. I forgot to mention that during this time my DH was at work trying on his cell phone for CRT, that is until I found out that CRT wasn't loaded in the system, then I told him that he could stop calling. I felt like I was trying to win a million dollars from a radio station. :rotfl2: But anyways I got threw to the magical pixie dust at around 11:18 am or so. I was on hold for about an hour before someone came on. Around this time on the DIS people were saying that they were being told the system was down. :eek: Luckly I did not get told that. :woohoo: The first lady I got couldn't bring anything up and she sent my call to another lady.

I made ADRs for Ohana's, 1900 Park Fare, Sci-Fi Dine In, Crystal Palace, Rainforest Cafe, Coral Reef and Donald's Breakfast. I did all of this with out looking at a park calendar :rolleyes1 . I was very excited after that. :banana::banana::banana:

Most of the ADRs worked out well. I did have to change around DHS and AK meals because of park hours and the extra show at DHS that DH wants to see. That was about a week or two after the ADRs were available and I still got everything I wanted for the times I wanted. Go figure... :lmao: The world really wouldn't have ended.

Then I was watching some little clips on Youtube about Disney restaurants and my DDs happened to be in the room and saw Chef Mickeys. They decided right then that they had to eat there!! I was pretty worried about that one because I had heard lots of people saying how hard it was to get ADRs for it. So I told them I would see what I could do about it. I went online and put in the date and time (7:00am) and it came right up. :cool1: Crisis adverted.

Next: A little more fun planning, that happened before ADRs...