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11-17-2009, 12:09 PM
Keith,s Pretrip Report


Hi i hope i do this pretrip report right. We dont have dates yet but i thought i should get started..

My beautiful son Keith is my MAW kid. K eith was born at 23 weeks he only weighed 1lb 8oz and 13 inchs long when he was born. He had some many things wrong with him. When he was about 2 weeks old he was strong enough to have surgery to have the shunt put in. Keith was on a breathing machine for about 3 months. When he was first born the doctors told me he had a 50 chance he would live. They also told me that he would never be able to do anything as he gets older. I was only 15 yrs old when i had keith all the doctors told me to put him in a home where nurses can take care of him. I told those doctors that he is my son ill take care of him. My ex husband who is the father of my kids drank all the time. Not once did he come visit his son. I was young and not a thinker at that age so no matter what my ex husband did i stayed with him.. I had my 2 girls later with the same guy that i should of left. But i was young and not a thinker so i stayed.. When i finally found out that i was haveing Katlyn who is 9 yrs old i left being 8 months along with 2 other kids. All i can say is thank god for my mom. She has always been there for me and my kids..

About 2 yrs ago i met this wonderful man Sean who i love with all my heart my kids love him. Our plan is when we go to Disney World we want to stay a few extra days and get married there.. I think that would be so amazing Im so excited i cant wait..

So now our family includes Me im mom Tina age 30 Sean dad age 39 ( dont tell him i put his age) Keith our MAW kid age 14 Sarina big sister age 12 Katlyn little sister age 9 shell be 10 on 1-15 and little brother zach age 8 hell be 9 on 1-4 and grandma lynn my mom age 49 this is our family...

Ok back to Keith he has Cerable Palsey (CP) he has had lots of surgerys weve been threw ups and downs On October 13th Keith had a bad headache and voimiting when he finally open his eyes i notice that keith,s eyes were crosssed i rushed him to the ER and when we finally got in the back the doctor said he had The NIHI FLU he didnt have a cold so i told them to admit him and do a CT where they found that his brain was pushing against his skull there was no room, so they did surgery to put a ICP moniter in to check the pressure and found out it was in the 80,s it should only be 12 for his age. They also put his shunt thing on the out side of his chest.
A few days later they took the ICP out and left his shunt out i didnt like that. On Oct 21 he had his skull made bigger. Everything went fine with that a few days later i was laying in the hospital bed with keith he was sleeping and holding my hand when he had a seizer i was so scared i started crying didnt know what was going on i paged the nurse when she came in keith had another one then all kinds of people came in. Keith had 7 seizers in 30 minutes. They took him to surgery again and put a different thing in his chest it was still his shunt but different. Afew days after that he started doing good I was so happy i wanted to go home so did keith now its Halloween keith wants to go trick or treating they would not let him go home he still had one more surgery to do they had to put the shunt back in. Ok now its Nov. 5 My mom is at the hospital with keith im home getting stuff together keith comes home today. My phone rings and its a women from MAW she told me that my son can make a wish and she asked me questions about keith and said his wish granters would be calling to set up a day and time to visit. I was so happy my baby got a wish and gets to come home the same day. Keith was in the hospital 22 days this time wish it was the last.. Ok i hope this is ok ill write more later thanks for reading

11-17-2009, 12:15 PM
Woo Hoo! Congrats on starting your very first pre-trip report! :thumbsup2

I will copy a link to the Wish Trippers thread! :)

Certainly sounds like you guys have been through a lot!

I hope that the wish granters come soon so that he can officially declare his wish! :)

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YAY!!! I subbed!!

11-17-2009, 01:46 PM
Welcome! :welcome:

I hope Keith is doing better at home now!

11-17-2009, 03:26 PM
Keith has been through some really tough stuff. I'm so glad they contacted you about a wish. I can relate to the awesome mom. Since Phoebe was 2 I haven't lived close to mine but she drops everything and comes to me when I really need her. And congrats on finding the love of your life! It will be fun to read about a Disney wedding if you guys end up doing that. :love:

11-17-2009, 04:13 PM
I don't think there's any wrong way to do a PTR - welcome! I love reading about the MAW trips, the kiddos and you parents are so special.:hug: I'm glad Keith gets a wish!

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Hi there! I subbed but for some reason didnt reply! I hope Keith is doing ok. Did you get your dates yet for Disney? Just checking in to see how you are all doing.

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Welcome :-)

Looks like my Daughter has had some of the same surgeries your son has. Shunt and cranial vault.
I'm subscribing to follow along :-)
We are going on the Disney Cruise on May 9th for her wish... :-)

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Your packages should be arriving today...they are out for delivery right now!


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I hope that eveyone had a great time!


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Welcome Back!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL trip!!

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Welcome back! Hope you had a great trip and can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures!!!:goodvibes