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11-15-2009, 06:50 PM

Hello and welcome everyone!!!! WARNING:this is my 1st trip report and will not be responsible for any harm that may come to the subscriber, with that small disclaimer noted on file I will now proceed with the details. Thank you. :)

Let me 1st introduce out lovely family(they all will not be joining us because Disney frowns on 4 legged members in the parks, its ok Disney we understand)

*ME* Michelle- 28 yr old Disney/cheese addict
(FYI my hair color changes often)
*DBF* Matt or Matty 25yr old

**The "kids"**
Louis 1 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu
Chewy 1 yr old Shih Tzu/Pekinese mix (Shinese)

11-15-2009, 07:52 PM
We are all booked and ready for our adventure to the world. We will be going from March 18-24 and staying at the CBR in the Pirate rooms...YAY!!!:thumbsup2 We are so very excited. This is our 1st trip to Disney since 2007, so we are very due. The last time we went was in 2007 with DBF parents.
Here's a family photo from the trip (we look slightly different now, oh and the hair was a different color I think)

So here's a little background on the cast for this trip:
*ME* I'm 28 yrs old(never to turn 30 btw) Surgical Coordinator with hopes to go back to school to finish up to get my nursing degree. I'm a lover of all things Disney(of course) as well as cheese. Oh yes and even my lisence plate reads "mouse5". Me and My DBF have been together for 7 yrs despite a small bump in the road in between.

*DBF* Matt: Hes 25 yrs old and currently a "stay @ home dad"(currently unemployed but looking vigorously). He too of course loves Disney as well as Cheese(see we are meant for each other).

Ok so did I mention that we are wicked excited for our upcoming trip yet????:confused3 Hmm I'm not sure I did. I still cant believe we are finally going, it seems like its been so long since we have been to the world. I keep having dreams of mickey waffles w/ syrup in the ears!!!! OMG so delicious:thumbsup2. Although we are super excited we have 2 "kids" that are not very happy about not being included in this trip. You see they have four legs and are just not welcomed to join in on our exciting trip(so sad):sad1: With that said we have arranged for them to have a "special vaca" of there own. They will be in doggie day care all week(for which they love!) and at night they are going to spend time with there Auntie Crystal. they just love there Auntie cause she spoils them like crazy, Lots of walks in the park, visits to the pet store for treats, and lots of play time. If you had not guessed yet we have no actual "children", but I luv these furballs like they were.

So heres some background on our trip report title: Mr. and Mrs. Choo Choo mouse take over the world. This "title" was actually given to us from Matts family and our love for Disney and cheese. We are known as the "mouse" family often, for more then one reason. Well the obvious ones are the cheese/Disney thing but also I apparently tend to squeak when I get mad...So strange I know:confused3. When Matts sister got married our place cards at the table actually said "Mr. and Mrs. Choo Choo mouse" Soooo Cute. Heres a pic


Well I hope your all enjoying my introduction to the fam.....Must go for now because the Patriots game is quickly approaching and the 2 furballs are in need of an outdoor facility break. Oh yes and theres laudry:laundy: and lunches to be done, ugh!

UP NEXT: will be a quick recap of our previous travel incidents(oh yes our vacas are never without issues). Truth be told I never have figured out how we ever end up in Disney with the obstacles we encounter:confused3. And also our ADR's!!!!! YAY

Brave teacher
11-15-2009, 10:15 PM
I'm in! I look forward to hearing more about you and your trip.

11-16-2009, 08:46 PM

So where was I....oh yes, our previous adventures. Well 2005 was our 1st Disney trip together, it turned out to be a wonderful time but not after a few obstacles(u will soon see this is a common factor in all our adventures). So it was the morning of Oct 18, beautiful up here not so much down in the world of the mouse. There was a hurricane brewing and it was headed straight for Disney:sad1:!! Well good news is our flight wasn't canceled, bad new is our flight wasn't canceled:confused3........
What you say, well it was the last plane to take of before they were all cancelled. And it was the worst plane ride ever!!!! It was sooo bumpy I was huddled in a ball on the floor(the DBF was fine of course). Ok so we finally land at the airport and the gorgeous limo was waiting for us, Ooo good its looking up. but wait......So we are on our way and the limo blows out a tired on the highway in the middle of a hurricane w/ terrible rains and winds, oh and a tornado warning too:sad:Ok so they send a new limo to pick us up, and we are on our way again. Thank god! We arrived in Disney wet and battered to find what?????

THAT DISNEY IS "CLOSED"!!!! Yes all the parks were closed for the day because of the hurricane. All we could do at this point was laugh:rotfl2::rotfl2:.....Well we got all settles in our rooms and low and behold later that evening around 5 the sun came out and the parks opened!!! YAY!!!!! The good new is the parks were dead!!! We went to MK and there was like no one there!!! IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!:yay:

Stay tuned for few pics from our wonderful vaca at POFQ

11-16-2009, 09:16 PM
Continued...... pics from our 2005 trip

The limo @ providence airport :thumbsup2

The best view after such a long trip



Hmmm Where to go next????



Well as you can see our trip was a success after a few obstacles...we are use to it by now, because its never a dull moment with the "Mouse family". Up next our 2007 Disney trip with the DBF's family. Hmmm what could possibly go wrong????:confused3 STAY TUNED!!!!