View Full Version : A suprise for the momma and an audition for moi!

11-12-2009, 04:34 PM
hhmmmm Where to begin? I feel like this is incredibly early starting, but as a college student when I have spare time..... DISboards it is. ha :)

Well, I guess I will start with a few basics:
Who: Me (Megan) and The Parental Unit (Mom, know as Betsy)
What: A very fast but nice trip to Walt Disney World to be at the Happiest Place in the World for a 48 hour period. :)
When: October 28-October 30th, 2010 [Tentativly since it will depend when the dates for the Fall 2010 Auditions for the College Program at Walt Disney World]
Where: Walt Disney World, of Course! :rotfl2:
Why: My own personal College Program Audition for the role of Entertainer for Spring Advantage 2011 and to reward/ease my mother's mind for letting me work for the mouse for 7 months. :) ha I'll explain more later, promise!

I'll post the next part about the Cast and The reason for this trip! :)
But I'll leave you with a picture that fortells a huge reason for this trip and why I simply will not be satisfied with audtioning in PA :cheer2:.........

11-12-2009, 09:41 PM
The Parental Unit:

Betsy She is 5hmm. not saying because if she read that, she'd be mad at me! ha :) She's a Disney Fan, and Loves it almost as much as me. She's been..... like 9ish times. She nor I have never stayed on property. Her favorite Disney Character is Eeyore and she is super supportive of me working for the Mouse in the Spring of 2011! I call my mom the parental unit because.... When you are in a grocery store, if you call mom in a grocery store, twenty million moms answer. So, when I was younger, I started yelling "Parental Person" and she would answer. ha :yay:

This is her in Disney this May, with Eeyore :)

Me (aka Megan):
I'm the planner for this trip, and will be surprising my momma with this trip. I'm the reason for this trip in the original place ha :) I'm 19 [well, I'll be twenty when this trip comes]. I Adoree Disney with all my heart and It's part of what helps me manage my own ADHD and Asperger's. Disney is my release and I love it. My favorite character is Donald Duck :)

This is me, at the beach semi-near my house (I decided to post a non-Disney picture, wow!)

haha :)
Next up.... The reason for the trip :rolleyes1

02-17-2010, 10:15 PM
Ok... So I need some help.

Where should we stay?
I'm debating renting points but if I do, where should I try and rent?
Resort-wise, I'd prefer a value just because of the cost.

Thanks :)

02-18-2010, 06:59 PM
Nice start! Good luck with the audition. :) My best friend and college roommate worked for the CP back in our day, but she wasn't a performer. She loved it, and her CP sparked a love for the rest of her family, too!

I've not rented points ever, so I can't much help there. I stayed at ASMo in 2000, and enjoyed it (it was a trip for a wedding, and we were fine with three adults, though it was a little small. Two would probably be great.)