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11-10-2009, 10:12 AM
I've been lurking on these boards more than I post for a while now, and have recently started reading pre-trip reports. This looks like a fun way to fill my time between ADR's and packing, so join me! It's a tale of woe, and a tale of joy ...

We're planning our first trip to the Polynesian Resort for January 30-February 6, 2010! It will be me, DH and our daughter who will be 2 1/2 years old.

Planning for this 2010 trip really begins during the week of my birthday, February 21-28, 2009, when on night 2 of 7 at the Caribbean Beach Resort, I came down with a raging fever and chills after a day of having a sore throat. Yes, hello, strep throat, goodbye plans. It's a good thing we took my mom, and a good thing the rooms at CBR were so nice... because that's just about all we got to see.

Ever since we got home from that trip, I have been contemplating our return. I need a total do-over of my little girl's first trip to Disney. I really, really do. Looks like we're doing it! Sooner than I ever dreamed we would!

The cast of characters ...

This is me. Uh, a few years ago. :) But I think it explains a lot.
(I'm the short one.) So begins a tradition. I have to get a picture with Tigger now. Every trip. I adore that tall, orange beast.

My sweet husband, E, who really does get excited about Disney but doesn't understand why I have to talk about it all the time:

This is us, back in October 2006, enjoying our first trip together to DW. (It was his second trip, and my third.) Ah, simpler times. I booked that trip in one of the first free dining promotions.

And, in February 2009, before I got sick. This is the two of us with our daughter, N, waiting for our table at Crystal Palace! Her first trip!

I promise she WAS happy to be there:

And, because she was so vital to our 2009 trip. It was her first trip, too, and I feel so bad that she didn't get to do much of anything... my sweet mom. (With me and Mickey, at Tucker House.) I'm still trying to talk her into going back with us in 2010.
I was SO sick this day, and trying really hard to push through and keep touring. I had just taken a picture of E and N with Mickey, and Mickey insisted E take a picture of us! He all but grabbed my camera and handed across the table. I do love Mickey. He made me smile in that moment, and it meant so much.

Coming up ...
Crap! You have to buy a plane ticket for a 2-year old!?
Do we do the dining plan this time?

11-11-2009, 04:49 PM
Wow, I'm first! You'll be at Poly right after us :)

One of my daughters and I battled sickness (strep, ear infections, flu) on our last trip, so I feel your pain. Hoping you'll all be healthy this time!!


11-19-2009, 11:08 AM
Wow, I'm first! You'll be at Poly right after us :)

One of my daughters and I battled sickness (strep, ear infections, flu) on our last trip, so I feel your pain. Hoping you'll all be healthy this time!!


Oh, gosh, I just started reading your TR! I felt awful being sick, but was so thankful DD never got sick. It's a miracle because we were sharing just about everything. I can't imagine going through that on my own and having sick baby girls! I hope your next trip is better, too!!

11-19-2009, 11:28 AM
So, I've been neglecting this. I lost steam, but I'm going to go ahead whether anyone is reading or not. :-)

E and I had been talking over whether we'd go back in 2010 or not. I was pushing for going back before N turned 3 in August 2010. One more time while she's still free! He finally relented, and on a Sunday night said "OK, book it, plan it, leave me alone." He's excited. ;-)

What do I see on the boards Monday morning!! Buy 4, get 3 is back! That week, I booked the last week in February at the Poly! The plan was to go back for my birthday again.

Fast forward to two weeks later, and I get a call out of the blue from a former colleague: she's got an offer of some freelance work for me. (I'm a graphic designer.) It's a regular monthly gig for a local magazine. My first thought: it's our DISNEY MONEY! Dreams of all the dining reservations I'll make start dancing through my head. But, then, I realized I would have to be working on a deadline that last week in February, AND we'd save around $600 by moving our trip dates up to the first week in February. Date change, it is!

After booking our trip, I turned to booking a flight. I hadn't even considered that N would have to have a ticket this time! She's so petite, she'd still easily stay in one of our laps. I've no doubt she'll sleep through the whole flight like she did last time. Daddy's arms, plus the white noise of the airplane were like a sedative for her.

I still don't have a flight booked. I'm watching the prices, checking our two airport options. We can drive two hours, and fly Southwest. That flight would put us arriving at 5:30 p.m., then I'd want to get our bags before getting on ME, and it could be almost 7 p.m. before we get to our room. I'm not thrilled about that, because N would be tired when we arrive. Our check-in day would consist of unpacking, eating a quick dinner, and early bedtime. Or, we drive one hour to a different airport and spend a little more on the flight (And pay for our bags to fly. Ugh.), and get a better choice of arrival times. Decisions, decisions ...

I'm already starting to do this thing, like... well, call me crazy... but I bought a twin pack of deodorants at Walmart the other day, and thought "One of these is my Disney deodorant! I get to pack it!" I'm such a dork.

11-19-2009, 11:58 AM
LOL we are going for our first trip to the Poly in 2010 while my DD is still free too lol

12-01-2009, 12:27 PM
OK, are you sitting down? After much thoughtful consideration... we are not doing the dining plan. I repeat: NO dining plan! Aaaaaahhh! This will be our first trip together without it. I feel a bit of freedom, not feeling like I need an ADR for every TS credit we have.

One thing we found when we went in February, even though I got sick and we didn't keep half our ADR's anyway, that with a toddler you just can't get by with all this pressure to get to a sit down reservation every day of the trip. I think planning just a few sit down meals, and getting a few groceries for our room will get us by just nicely. Counter service isn't always all that easy either, and I definitely don't want to do CS for every meal. DH has already looked at a few menus with me and agreed on splitting entrees at a couple different table service restaurants.

The thing you have to know about our touring plan on this trip: last time we were there, before I started running a fever we went to DHS 2 days in a row and my mom and I spent a whole afternoon at DTD. E and I went to EMH at MK, and all of us spent just a couple hours there one morning and afternoon but it was overwhelmingly crowded. By the time I was really sick, we hadn't been to EP at all. I tried to make it there, but all we saw was Seas and Land before DD and I both were done for the day. At AK, all we managed to do was the Safari before I'd had enough. As for MK, we never even make it to Dumbo, or Pooh. SO, this time the plan is all about MK and EP:
Saturday: late arrival
Sunday: EP, maybe hop to AK for late afternoon FOTLK
Monday: MK
Tuesday: rest, maybe evening visit to DHS
Wednesday: EP
Thursday: AK
Friday: MK
Saturday: departure

I have made some ADRs! I booked the day after our window opened, and got my first choices!

On our first MK day:
7:30 am Kona (maybe)
5:30 pm Tony's

On our off day/maybe go to DHS day (it's the touringplans recommended park that day)
5 p.m. Brown Derby (maybe)

5:30 pm Garden Grill

Departure Day
7:30 am 'Ohana breakfast (maybe)

I realize our two character meals both have Mickey and Pluto, but they are both places we have been wanting to try. N loves Donald, though. We did Tusker House in February, and liked it, but it's a lot for N to take in before we even start seeing the park. I'm leaning toward canceling 'Ohana breakfast and booking the last breakfast seating at Tusker on our AK day. OR, we can just try to see Donald at the EP character spot.

We used Garden Grocer in Feb for snacks, diapers and bottled water. I am definitely doing that again. I've been working on our grocery list (what to pack, and what to order from GG.) AND, still watching those plane ticket prices!

12-01-2009, 05:56 PM
I am going to be at the Poly the same days. We are doing the opposite of you guys, we have more adr's than TS credits.

12-02-2009, 12:11 PM
I am going to be at the Poly the same days. We are doing the opposite of you guys, we have more adr's than TS credits.

DO say Hi if you see us!

12-04-2009, 03:21 PM
Well, now E says he thinks the dining plan is a great idea. We're going to have to look at some menus together and plan a food budget. May be adding it after all! Wheeee!!

01-26-2010, 04:47 PM
I had a panic moment last week: DD woke up Wednesday morning running a fever. We went to the pediatrician and she had bronchitis and an ear infection in her left ear, and her white cel count was elevated. Well, we started antibiotics that day, and she stayed with my mom that day through Friday. Her fever was gone within 24 hours of starting meds, and she was back in daycare on Monday! She still has a cough, but has been sleeping through the night without the cough waking her up since Saturday night. Looks like E and I are in the clear, too. We both started taking Airborne yesterday.

So, we have our little one getting better, and we are taking our vitamins and going for walks every afternoon. I'm gettin pumped, and already having trouble sleeping at night I'm so excited!

DD is getting excited, too. We've been talking about who and what we will see, and before bed she starts making a list and we talk about how many days. It's so cute. She says "I go Disneyworld! Ride airplane, see castle, see Mickey, see Nemo..." She's totally feeling our excitement.

Still going without the dining plan! I've got a budget in place, and we're excited about having fewer ADRs. I've made a table service wish list, of sorts, with places that still have availability according to the online reservation system. Along side that, I'm making a note of quick service places to try.

We have for sure decided to skip ME, and I booked a van (no town car because they don't carry a car seat) with FL Tours. Also, no Garden Grocer this trip. We're going to make a grocery store stop in the van.

My goal is to be in our room within 2 hours of landing (at 5:30) with all the things we need and ready to go to Kona for dinner. (or order room service and go right to bed!)

01-26-2010, 04:52 PM
OH! I did finally buy our plane tickets, obviously. AWESOME deal, too. Worth the wait. I love Southwest.

02-24-2010, 12:53 PM
I'm in! Just found your report after I read your GG review! Now I need to go get caught up! :goodvibes