View Full Version : Tips on NYE .. is it a good idea to...

11-07-2009, 04:04 PM
Hi. Since the parks are packed and that leaves not a whole lot to do while inside the parks, i was thinking maybe going to Blizzard Beach.. is this a good idea??? My concern is the traffic, i dont want to get stuck in traffic on the disney bus for any length of time. What is traffic like inside wdw on NYE? What are the worst/best times for traffic? Otherwise i plan on going early to MK, eating a character meal and then going to Epcot around 12:30pm like last year. :) we were lucky enough to be at the Polynesian resort (got married there on NYE!) but cant afford it this year. I do recall us being THE ONLY ones when we got to the TTC from Poly, it was a ghost town.. anyone know why? There was barely anyone on the monorail.. anyone know why? but the roads looked packed!