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Nancy for Disney
11-06-2009, 02:10 PM
We purchased ailine tickets through a private business. They were purchased as a package at a local charity event. The private business had donated them. They booked our flight through American Express Travel. I just needed to select the flights from what was offered on the day we were traveling. At the time I booked there were only two cholces for a nonstop flight. One was not at a time that would work for us. We went with a flight through AirTran. I have never used that airline but I did learn through DIS that they tend to change their flights. I was fine with that. About two weeks ago I got an e-mail from the person from the business that booked the trip for us saying that they changed our flight. I was prepared and am ok with it even though it means that we leave an hour earler and get there about 3 hours later. I just went to the AirTran website and see that the flight from Atlanta to Orlando has a new arrivial time which is now a half hour later. :sad2: I also see though that there is a flight listed with our same original departure city that leaves Atlanta about an hour and a half earlier than the one we are scheduled for. Both these options have the same price. Would you do the following:

1. Call the business that was kind enough to make a donation to a worthy cause and see if they will call to see if we change the flight.

2. Call American Express yourself and see if you can change the flight.

4. Go directly through AirTran to change the flight.

3. Leave it alone. You never know if the original flight will be late and you may need that 3.5 hour layover in Atlanta. If this is the case do you think it would be possible that if we are on time we could possibly try and get on the earlier flight by flying on standby?

11-06-2009, 02:18 PM
If you have the six digit confirmation code, call Airtran directly to see if they will change it. Many times you have to go through the travel agency you booked with, but it is worth a shot.

If Airtran says to call Amex, then do so and see what they can do. If nothing can be done, then you can live with what you have, but I bet something can be worked out.... .Airtran is very good to deal with in these situations.


11-06-2009, 02:24 PM
Do you have the Confirmation number? It should be a 6 character mix of numbers and letters, mine for our Oct trip was PEG97U for example. If so, call AirTran directly, tell them the change doesn't work for you and you'd like the other flight that's better for you, I bet they fix it for you. We were changed from an early direct flight to a connecting one, called, and they gave me another direct that was actually better than my first choice, no charge.

If that fails, e-mail the person that e-mailed this news to you and ask them to intervene, and good luck.

Bill From PA

11-06-2009, 07:45 PM
First I would hand pick alternate flights that I would like.

Then I would start with 4 (call the airline directly, but need to have the ticketing information including the 6 character code mentioned above.

If that doesn't work then I would try 2 next (go to the travel agency, American Express).

Nancy for Disney
11-07-2009, 07:49 AM
Thanks so much for the input. Any thoughts on having a 2.5 hour layover vs a 3.5 hour layover when flying from the midwest in Dec ? Predicting the weather is about impossible.

11-07-2009, 08:21 AM
Thanks so much for the input. Any thoughts on having a 2.5 hour layover vs a 3.5 hour layover when flying from the midwest in Dec ? Predicting the weather is about impossible.

Given the unpredictability of the weather, I would opt for a longer layover. We missed a flight recently due to weather (rain) in Atlanta. Cancellations and delays can back things up there for the rest of the day or more. 2.5 hours should be plenty of time, but we also thought 1.5 hours was lot, and it was not. Our flight was delayed getting in to Atlanta, but our connecting flight left on time without us.