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11-06-2009, 10:25 AM
I will be traveling to WDW from Baton Rouge, LA in Feb. We will be staying at POFQ, arriving on Saturday and leaving on the next Saturday. It is about a 12 hour drive. We would probably leave Friday evening and drive to Tallahassee and Saturday morning drive the rest of the way.

I have made the drive 3 times before, but this time we are considering flying if we can get cheap tickets for the 6 of us (anything less than $300 RT is doable for us).

Has anyone stood on site before and wished they had their own transportation? I know Disney does a great job getting you from your resort to the parks, but this trip I want to do more. We are on the dining plan and lots of our ADR's are at Epcot (4 of the 7) so we will be doing lots of park hopping. I also really want to visit lots of the resorts that I hadn't seen before.

Should I fly or drive? What are everyone's opinions?

11-06-2009, 10:31 AM
We resort hop and park hop a lot, and rarely use our car. It sits in the parking lot at the campground the entire time.

Smiling Cheshire Cat
11-06-2009, 11:51 AM
We live about 11 hours from Disney. We have driven before but always fly if it is in our budget. The transportation is great at Disney and I've never missed not having a car. One year DH was traveling for business and we did rent a car since we were staying at the Dolphin and his company was paying for the car. We never used it except to get to the airport and back.

11-06-2009, 01:21 PM
ony 12 hours? wow.. Really if you like to drive drive. Unless you are doing something not disney you will not really need your car. But flying is nice if the airlines are being nice to you.

Do the math of how long the airplane will take from your house to airport, wait time to get on plane, wait time to get in the sky, actual fight time, layover if you have one, wait time to get in the sky, actual fight time, time to get bags, time to get from airport to hotel. wow didnt think of it like that, plus the cost different if it matters to you. plus if you never have made your kids be stuck in a car for a really long drive you arent american lol just teasing.

mine is 7.5 hours to fly from house to hotel not bad
drive is 18.5 hours with stoping from cleveland so im saving 11 hours flying, but spending 900 for family of 4 or 600 without a car

if you leave at 6am you can be there by 8pm

11-06-2009, 01:46 PM
Something else you have to consider is flight times. Can you leave work at a normal time and get to WDW that night?

Or do you have to wait until the next morning and take a late morning flight.

With only a 12 hour drive, we can leave right at 5pm, drive part way that night, and get to Disney by noon the next day.

If we fly, we have to either take off work at 2pm to get there that night, or wait until the next morning and take a flight and still get there at noon.

The airline industry has cut back lots of their late night and early morning flights, so a drive of 12 hours or less will usually get you at Disney in about the same amount of time because you have to factor in their schedule.

Driving is on "your" schedule.