View Full Version : What's Up With The Cab Drivers At WDW?

11-04-2009, 09:45 PM
DH and I were at WDW 10/2 to 10/11. Since we were on the DxDDP we planned Signature Dining (2TS) almost every night. This trip was for the F&WF and the food! We stayed at the FQ and sometimes it's must easier to just have bell services call up a cab than hopping buses for our ADR.

We had a wonderful meal at Narcoosees and decided to take a cab back to our resort. Our cab driver had the radio tuned to a religious channel, with the volume turn up very loud. When I mean religious channel, I don't mean religious music....I mean "extreme preaching". Now, DH and I are by no means anti-religious, but it was late, the volume was very loud and DH was not in the mood for this type of radio station.....after a very long day and a bottle of wine. DH nicely asked the cab driver to turn the radio off, which he did. Our cab fare was around $13.

Two nights later we had an ADR at Citricos and once again called a cab. We had a very nice female cab driver. Our cab fare was $13 and DH gave her a $20. For the ride home, we again called a cab. Once again, we had a cab driver, playing the same religious channel ( very loud). I told DH to just keep quiet and put up with it, that it would be just a short drive. Our return cab fare was $19.20?????? So in addition to being preached to, all the way back to our resort...the cab driver took the long way around!!!!!!
After that, DH and I swore off cabs and saved a bunch of money on cab fares.

11-05-2009, 02:05 AM
Well, if you like cabs, don't write them off completely. Ask the driver to take the most direct route (from Grand Floridian to French Quarter you want to go past Fort Wilderness and turn right onto whatever the correct road is); and ask the driver when entering the cab to please turn off (or way, way down) the radio. YOU'RE the customer.

11-05-2009, 08:53 AM
In the past we have always had good luck with the cabs at WDW. Matter of fact, last year we had one driver who gave us his card and we basically just called him direct whenever we needed a cab. I guess he spoiled us.:confused3 We always use WDW transportation on resort and are not familiar with the direct routes since we never drive down there. We have always trusted that the cab driver won't take us on a sight seeing tour.
As far as the radio, I guess we would have been unhappy with any loud blaring music/station, and we have never had that issue until this year.