View Full Version : Restaurants with a view to the MK or Epcot fireworks

10-31-2009, 11:28 AM
If we want to go to a restaurant but still see the fireworks which restaurants would you recommend??

10-31-2009, 11:33 AM
Watching from the observation deck at the the Cali Grill in the Contemporary is really good.

11-01-2009, 05:57 AM
Hi the Rose and Crown in Epcot has outside seating and is perfect for veiwing fireworks, ;)

Chris and Pooh
11-01-2009, 07:27 AM
Cinderellas Royal Table in the Castle is very close

11-01-2009, 08:46 AM
California Grill (Contemporary) & Narcossees (Grand Floridain) are both good places to see Wishes from. Both have window tables if you are lucky and both have good observation decks.

You could eat at any of the restaurants at the Poly and watch from the beach for a great view too. The Contemporary has a observation deck on the 4th floor too if you are eating at Chef Mickeys or the Wave you could watch from there after or before you meal.

The only restaurant that I know that has a view of Illuminations is the Rose & Crown but the food has never appealled enough to try it as there are so many good locations for viewing Illuminations.

11-01-2009, 09:42 AM
To see Wishes in the Magic Kingdom:

California Grill at the Contemporary has a sky-way viewing platform you can watch from, or there are great views from the windows.

Narcoossees at the Grand Floridian pipes the music through to the restaurant and balcony - good views of fireworks but it is a little further away.

Ohana at the Poly has some viewing angles, but better to eat earlier or later and watch the fireworks off the Poly's beach.

There are also the restaurants inside the MK you could see some stuff from, or time it so you eat and then watch from just outside - Crystal Palace and the Plaza being best two location wise for that.

To see Illuminations at Epcot:

Rose and Crown's terrace overlooking the lake in UK,

Tokyo Dining (NOT the Teppan Edo) in Japan,

You can also see glimpses of fireworks from Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club (roof partially obscures view), and some of the Boardwalk restaurants.

You can also get a far away view of Illuminations from the other end of the California Grill at the Contemporary, and I have watched Illuminations from the marina dock at Downtown Disney, just past the entrance to Rainforest Cafe where we ate and then went outside to watch.

My first choice would be California Grill!


11-01-2009, 05:56 PM
We had dinner at Poly (Ohana) last week, and had a seat by the window with a great view of fireworks. They also dim the lights and pipe in the music. At the beach there is apparently music also, but the speakers are so quiet you can hardly hear it I am told.

We enjoyed seeing the fireworks in the sky while eating dinner. However that said, you are not that close - seven seas lagoon is very big!!

So my advice is not to go to these expensive dinner location just for the fireworks experience alone, unless you really also want to eat there too, as the view is good, but not incredible - however if you are planning a dinner at these locations anyway, then sure its nice to get an ADR around time of fireworks. We had a 8:15 reservation, so we were in middle of main meal when Wishes began. You can get up though and get a better view if you do not have a window table - but that sort of defeats the object in my opinion, as you may as well be stood outside!

Finally comment - I did think that more would have been made of the lead up to the fireworks begining, but it just sort of happened - lights lowered slightly and music began - I guess if you were sat in a different part of Ohana, and didn't know it was happening, you may think they were just changing the mood lighting, and miss the fireworks completely.

02-10-2010, 03:17 PM

Thanks for your thoughts re rose and crown.

If the illuminations is on at 9pm, would you say 7pm is too early to book a table for eight to ensure we can watch it?

Many thanks :goodvibes

02-10-2010, 04:07 PM
I would try for a 7.30/7.45 as I think 2 hrs will be too long for a meal in the Rose & Crown even with a party of 8.


02-10-2010, 04:33 PM
Hi yes i have mine booked for 7.30, they won't guarantee you'll get an outside table though, but if you get there a bit early you should be lucky :wizard:

02-11-2010, 04:55 PM
We just walked up to the desk at R&C a few years ago and managed to get a table outside overlooking the lake. As the waitress said to us later, they will try really hard to help their own!! just be super nice and understanding (sucking up) and you never know.