View Full Version : Will Ponchos save us?

07-14-2002, 07:15 PM
Just wondering if we do all the water attractions with ponchos will we still be soaked? Should I plan on a change of clothes for everyone? We don't want to spend the rest ofthe day soaking wet.

07-14-2002, 07:29 PM
When we were in Seaworld last december we rode Atlantis with a poncho on and still got soaked. We found that the water still seaped in and pooled on the seats, are feet were also soaked. Next time in IOA I will bring a change of clothes for the water rides.

07-15-2002, 08:53 AM
Definitely bring a change of clothes if you don't want to walk around the rest of the day wet, even though in the summer months you may want to stay WET! What I do is have my bathing suit on with a pair of shorts (nylon ones that dry fast) and sandals or water shoes and bring an extra pair of clothes and shoes for when I want to change UNLESS I'm staying onsite (which I normally do) and just walk back to the hotel when I've had enough! I then only bring an extra large T-shirt or cover-up to walk back to the hotel. Its a lot of fun! FYI, my niece and I found that after being on the wet rides all day we got an unpleasant odor from the water so we went back to the hotel, took a shower and the next day I bought my deodorant, body wipes and splash perfume with me, this was in August 2001.

07-15-2002, 08:59 AM
Ponchos worked on Jurassic Park for us and for the Ripsaw Falls if you keep your feet up it will help, but nothing can fully save you from Bluto's Barge. Take your shoes off and wear the ponchos backwards tucking them in. Even then you may want to change clothes.

We didn't change clothes and were fine, but we didn't get the wettest.


07-15-2002, 03:15 PM
LOL. Ponchos don't work on Popeye. The park sells them to make money, and the people wearing them look doofy.
Be brave, get wet.
The thing you gotta worry about is your shoes. On Popeye, after you get in the vehicle, fasten your seatbelt, take off your shoes/socks, and put them in the middle.
Tehnically, you're supposed to have shoes on, but they seem to be nice about this. Guys, take off your shirt and put it in the middle.
Your cloths will eventually dry off. Its your shoes that you gotta save.

07-15-2002, 03:47 PM
We spent last Friday at IOA. Let me say that, because we live in Florida, we already know that you're bound to get wet just from the daily rainstorms! We spent about 1 hour under a canopy at a restaurant waiting for the downpour to let up. Anyone who was caught in the downpour, though, figured it probably was the best time to go on the water rides, as they were already soaked! I had just come out of the restroom across from Jurassic Park, where all of the stalls were being used for women/girls to change their clothes from the ride. And then, they were probably caught in the rain! The rain doesn't necessarily come at the same time everyday, but more than likely happens in the afternoon hours. Good luck staying dry!

07-15-2002, 03:48 PM
Wear a bathing suit, T Shirt and flip flops. Put your sneakers, shorts and extra shirt in a locker. It's impossible to describe how wet you'll get on Bluto's barge (water pours in on you, people not on the ride can spend a quarter to shoot you with a water cannons...)

07-16-2002, 11:22 PM
DH wore a poncho for the Bluto Bilge ride and it did keep his upper body drier but his bottom was still pretty wet! You can also rent a locker at the park entrance and stash your dry clothes in them until you need them. Tevas are awesome for the water rides.

07-17-2002, 02:31 PM
Only a diver's suit or a submarine will keep you dry on Popeye... :rolleyes: