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10-13-2009, 12:23 PM
Hi I in past have read where people talked of doing random things to make someones time at DL just a bit more magical..
for the life of me I cannot find that post anylonger nor remember what forum it was on . so here goes my thought of what to do.. ..

I was recently at the Disney store at the mall.. they were having a clearance sale additional 25% off marked sales.. .. I suddenly remembered that post.. and.. yeppers.. Im heading back to DL Oct 29-Nov1.. so .. my time once again to try a random act.
What I found was a Minnie Mouse stuffie with a candle. holding sign with Happy Birthday.. and a Lelo/Stitch guy with a whacky hat that said Happy Birthday as well... each of these lil guys ended up being $2 apeice.. so I figured .. hey.. I got 2 minnies.. and 2 stitchs.. ..
What I want to do is find on my trip 2 lil girls that are celebrating their birthday.. and randomly give my lil gift... possibly saying how I Tinkerbell or Minnie Mouse or someone.. asked me to keep a look out for her.. and to make sure that she got her gift.. and wish her a happy Birthday...
(of course I will talk to the parent first)..
Not sure how to do the lil guys for the Stitch..

Has anyone ever done anything random .. with no attachment .just simply trying to make someone elses stay the Disneyland Magical?

Im open for suggestion on how to pull this off... ..
I usually always have my zipbag of Disney bandaids.. for lil ****oos.. somehow getting a Disney bandaid just makes that skinned knee feel just that much better.. so.. this trip Im taking it a step further.. and carrying the stuffies to randomly hand out..

10-13-2009, 12:47 PM
Love it!!!!

10-13-2009, 03:28 PM
Very sweet!!! Just look for someone with a bday button and see if you can give your gift. Some parents may think you're crazy but stick with it and you will find someone who will accept your gift graciously!! Have fun!