View Full Version : FOTL and room key info needed

07-12-2002, 02:49 PM
When staying on the property in order to use the fotl access do all family members need a room key. Or is one room key all that is needed?

07-12-2002, 02:59 PM
This has been a subject of conversation on these boards so I called Universal and asked what is the rule. I was told one card key per room and you can request more if you need them at check in and the kids do not need them to enjoy Universal Express. I remember getting two when I checked into the HRH.

In my personal experience one flash of a valid card has gotten in up to five people many times over.

Mrs. P
07-12-2002, 10:09 PM
We stayed at PBH June 15-17th. My DH, DD(16yrs old) and myself all had room keys. We only showed one key when using the front of the line express. Attendants noted one key lets up to 4 guests on the rides.