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10-06-2009, 03:13 AM
I'm a bit confused and cross!

We're been thinking about a last minute trip and have been monitoring flight prices and yesterday decided that miles plus money was the way to go.

DH can only go for a week but I can go for longer - so I'd picked out one flight for me and one for him - by the time I'd booked mine the fare for his dates had gone. I rang customer services and they said 'sorry once it's gone it's gone' they checked to see if anyone was holding onto them on the net and said no and there wouldn't be any more so had to pay full price - 100 more!

Have checked again this morning and lo and behold there are miles plus money flights for his dates now.

Does this normally happen does anyone know.

10-06-2009, 04:42 AM
There are no rules to Miles and Money fares. They come and go often, I check every day for next August, some dates come then go then come back again. If you ring they seem to always say book at higher price, I guess thats what they are told to say.
We used to always save 200+/ ticket with M+M, now the savings are very small. For miles only fares I only ever seem to find 1 way, then the one way return flight is as much as a round trip. Can get a free U/C flight outbound date we want but would rather come back U/C.

10-06-2009, 05:34 AM
Thanks Wayne.

I'm sure the guy said there wouldn't be any more for the dates we wanted and yet this morning there it is - plus quite a few dates around it, so that's surely mis-information.

Bit annoyed because we could have saved 100. Worth a small complaint do you think?

10-06-2009, 05:42 AM
Did he say, definitely no more available or something like doubtful, probably no more available etc? either way I doubt they will be interested in a complaint, you might get a standard reply back. They can only go on whats on the computers in front if them, can't predict the following days offers.
I was once caught out booking M&M fare to LAX, few days later an offer came out and full fare was cheaper than M&M, lost 2,000 miles pp + the miles I could have claimed (about 10,000pp) and paid about 25-30 more than I needed to. I complained but got nothing from them.

10-06-2009, 05:47 AM
Exactly the same thing happened when I came to book my daughter's flights, except the information I got from Virgin was helpful. They actually told me to keep checking because the flights could be on hold. The next morning, I was able to book them.

I think in the first instance, rather than make a complaint, I'd give them a call and try to appeal to their better nature. Give them a chance to excel.