View Full Version : I wanna be a princess (halloween related)

10-03-2009, 09:16 PM
I wanna be a princess but Im cheap. I have no clue which princess I wanna be, I dont even care if im not a diney princess. Orginally I was going to go as a Menominee indian princess, but I think my boss would a little PC type of issue (even though I am Menominee).

So I have the fallowing dresses:
My funky simple green dress, that I paid three dollars for last year. It was my tinkerbell dress from last year. I am willing to do amost anything to it.
My white dress that ive never worn. The black top part DOES come off, but I think it lookd kinda cool.
This dress rather seems to need a belt so this is the dress with a green belt (since the black part is about 2 inches to short to meet the seam line of the skirt)
And with a berry belt

So what can I do with the dresses? Which should I wear? I can sew, bead, and do most alterations. Also I work in a daycare so kid freindly is helpful (im stuck in my dress all day).

10-04-2009, 07:59 AM
PrincessM was a fairy for Halloween last year. We used a t-shirt and added a skirt with tulle underneath to make it puffy. It worked great!

Good luck!