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09-28-2009, 05:13 AM
POP century.

I have free international phone calls from my house. Can my partner ring my room at POP directly?

I'm bringing my laptop so I can put the days pictures on so I don't have to pay a fortune in SD cards. Is the ethernet cable provided and if so is it compatible with our laptops?

How far in advance do you have to book in room babysitting? I'm not sure I'll even use it, but if my daughter can't get on certain rides (she's sooo close to 40" she may get away with it?) then I may use this so I can take my son on them one day.


How long can I expect customs to take? And collecting baggage? Or more generally, how long approx (I know it's always different) will it take me to get from the plane to my transfer?

Hand luggage on my flight is 43 x 28 x 23. The bag I wanted to take is 44 x 26 x 24. Any chance I'd get away with taking this on the flight or do I need to get another bag? lol It does go down to the right size if you squish it! lol


If I wanted a taxi from POP (mears) do I ring when I need it or do I have to book it the day before? Will the reception do this for me?

Cameron has not long turned 6 and Alyssa turns 4 just after we get back. Can I still get birthday badges for them? And where do I get them from (POP reception?).

How much cash () do you generally spend in the UK airport before you leave and when you return? I don't want to take loads but I'll obviously need a little.

Thank you!!

09-28-2009, 06:07 AM
i can answer a few

cables are provided in the room hanging on the rial and are all good for our laptops

my parents call the room but i think you go through to the reception at pop and then they put you through to the room

Customs took us around 10 mins but we were one of the first off the plane, luggage took around 20 mins as it didnt come off on the right carosel so we missed it!

I would say you should be fine with the bag, they dont really measure them, not that we have had anyway

Taxis can be done at reception

All badges of pins they care called out there can be got at reception or your concierge

we normally have macdonalds for breakfast and then buy a couple of drinks after security so I would say no more than 15 for both of us, we never spend anything at the uk airport on the way back

09-28-2009, 04:41 PM
Thanks for that! You've taken some last minute worries away lol.

Do I have to book the taxi the night before (or in the morning if I need it that night) or can I just ring when I need one? I'll be using mears.

Anyone know about the babysitting service?

scottish mum
09-29-2009, 04:39 AM
there's usually taxis waiting outside the hotels, if not the hotel reception will call one for you whenever you need one, it will come within a few minutes.