View Full Version : Taking Prince Jack to see Prince Mickey

09-25-2009, 09:54 PM
With 30 days left to our Disney Vacation a pre-trip report seemed the appropriate way to keep my excitement under control as I am about to BURST with anticipation.

Me: Holly (37) Been to Disney once for our honeymoon 10 years ago. Likes: Reading, gardening, planning, cooking, and organizing closets (sick, I know!) Dislikes: bugs, gum smacking, popcorn crunching, food sloshing (yes, I have some sort of wierd sensory thing about food noises)!

DH: Lee (45) Been to Disney just once (with me for our anniversary 10 years ago). Likes: me :love: our son :love: the Simpsons, collecting old TV Series DVDs, computers, working, and being a bit too materialistic for his own good. Dislikes: Traffic, waiting in lines :headache: generally anything that has to do with waiting sends my laid back husband into STRESS ZONE!!! Disney should be interesting popcorn::

DS: Prince Jack (2) turning (3) while in Disney. First visit (clearly). Likes: astornauts, fireman, trains, planes, automobiles, Mickey Mouse Playhouse, letters, and books. He is a very bright boy and a cautious risk taker...if those two things can coexist...:rotfl2:FONT]

Dog: Buster will be staying home but deserves and honorable mention...here's his mugshot...ah...why can't he come with us...you know he would totally love Splash Mountain.


Trip: First week November
Celebrations: 10-year anniversary and Prince Jack's third birthday
Package: Magic Your Way with Free Dining. Wilderness Lodge. 6 nights.