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Young Pooh
09-22-2009, 03:53 PM
As with just about everyone else on here, I am looking at flights for next August - can't book anything yet as LA are not releasing school start date until mid October. They have 2 options - 1/9 or 6/9 - obviously I am hoping for the 2nd option as this should mean slightly cheaper flights.:)

Anyway, we have enough VA miles to pay for return flights to New York (25,000 pp). I am assuming that availabilty of reward seats would be better on this route than LGW/MAN to MCO. This would cost us just under 500 in taxes etc. I cannot see that we will ever be able to use the miles for anything in school hols to MCO.

I have had a quick look on expedia and can get flights from New York to either MCO or TPA for less than 500 for the 3 of us giving a total of around 1k.

I cannot see that we will get anything like this direct or indirect any other way. Am I mad to consider this or do you think this is a reasonable way of doing things.

Bearing in mind this is an "extra" Florida holiday (not doing Disney this time) we need to keep costs down.

09-22-2009, 04:15 PM
You have to look at all options and do whatever way you can.
I am not sure what your cover is if any delays and you miss your connection. I know booking all on 1 ticket they will get you there at their cost, booking seperate I don't think you have any cover. Maybe someone else knows how it works.

We once booked seperate, also thru NYC, decided to also stop in NYC on the way for 4 nights, could have done it as one booking on Expedia but when I priced it up booking internal flights seperate it saved us 200 so did it that way, had no problems. For 3 of us MAN~NYC return cost 973.44 then internal flights 347.70. This was back in Oct 2002, prices haven't changed much have they?

Can't believe your LEA has not released dates yet. That will be Matts 1st term at College if he is accepted, possibly Greenhead in Huddersfield, they have dates on their site already, Tues 31st August is 1st day back so we will have to land back on the 30th.

09-22-2009, 06:07 PM
Your insurance will cover you should you miss a connection - as long as it's not your fault. Just leave a decent time (3 hours minimum) between flights.

Look at Jet Blue from NY to MCO.
Super, efficient little airline.

Young Pooh
09-23-2009, 09:20 AM
Thanks Wayne and Barry.

Yeah, can't believe LA haven't released dates yet - it is Wakefield so only down the road from yours. When I spoke to them they said that the consultation pricess had finished and a proposal been put forward but that the committee won't be meeting to sign it off until October.

Discussed this last night a bit more and we have decided that this is probably the way to go and will probably stay for 2 nights in NY before moving down to MCO - this way we won't be relying on being able to get seats on the early flight to make sure we can get to MCO at a decent hour.

Not checked out Jet Blue yet as I don't think they release their flights this far in advance but have heard that they are supposed to be cheap but reliable.