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09-14-2009, 04:39 PM
Alright kids here's another trip planning journal :) However we have a lot going on this trip!

So let me start off by introducing the cast:

ME-My name is Mindy. I'm 26 and work in the hospitality industry and a true lover of everything Disney! I always look forward to the popcorn!

DH-Mike-He is 30 and has been forced to love everything Disney but over the years puts up less of a fight when it comes to Disney :) He loves pin trading and his favorite thing to do is sit at the marketplace and trade pins all day :)

http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v1931/92/1/5804386/n5804386_35407527_4459.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=35407528&id=5804386&op=3&view=global&subj=1315765854)

How we met:
Once upon a time...a long long time ago back in 2002 into 2003...there was a girl named Mindy who absolutly loved Disney. She decided to go on a trip with her college room mate Andrea and Andrea's boyfriend Timmothy. They arrived in "the World" 2 days before New Year's Eve. They enjoyed the parks and spending time in their hotel. Mindy's birthday was on January 3rd so they decided to go out to Pleasure Island to celebrate her 20th birthday. When arriving at the turn style to show ID's for admission Andrea realized that she had left her ID back at the room. The 3 rushed back to All Star Sports and retrieved her ID. Once they went through the clubs and picked a spot to stay and celebrate for a while they all started dancing. Mindy noticed a handsom prince on the dance floor looking over at her. She would glace back every now and then and would catch his eye. The prince eventually made his way over to Mindy, Andrea and Tim. Mindy, thinking to herself that he was probably there to try and talk to Andrea, she moved aside knowing full well that Tim would not be happy. Much to Mindy's surprise the young man was there to dance with her. They danced for a few songs and the young man left. Mindy was confused and didn't know why he had left. The young man returned shortly after and found Mindy again. Much to their surprise Motion played a slow song. This gave them time to talk a little bit. He asked her her name and she told him. He replied with "Oh Mindy is my favorite name" *augh...what a line* She found out that his name was Mike and he lived in Florida and he was 24. He would come to Pleasure Island often with his friends. With that being the last song of the night they exchanged numbers and they were to meet again before Mindy was to return home.

The next day Mindy woke up excited to spend the day by herself becuase Andrea and Tim were going to a Blizzard Beach for the day. She decided that if she was going to meet up with Mike again that she would need a new outfit for he could not see her in the same clothes. Mindy decided to hop on the bus and go to Down Town Disney where she bought a new tank top and mickey sandals. When coming back from DTD Mindy called Mike to see what he was doing. He said that he was lounging around the house but he would be going to Pleasure Island again that night and suggested they meet up.

Andrea and Tim got back from their day at Blizzard Beach early that afternoon. Mindy brought up the idea of going back to PI for the evening so that she could meet up with Mike again. Neither of them were up to it so Mindy went to PI by herself.*I know I know thinking back on it now...it was really stupid and I cant believe that my bestfriend would let me go and meet a guy I had spoken to at a club alone* She got ready and headed for the busses by herself. Their plan was to met at 11 where they had met the night before on the Motion dance floor. The only transportation Mindy had was the Disney bus system. The bus came about 15 minutes late and she realized that she was not going to be there on time. Mindy called Mike to let him know that she was on her way and that he shouldn't leave. Mike could not hear his phone with the loud music playing from Motion. Mindy arrived 20 minutes late and Mike was still there waiting for her. :love: She was so releaved! That night they danced and talked all night. Mike offered to give Mindy a ride back to her hotel and she agreed. *again ladies,...very stupid* Once back safely at the hotel Mike so graciously walked Mindy into the lobby where they sat in the food court and talked until 4am. They decided that they would meet up the next day for their first official date. They decided to meet at outside the train station at the Magic Kingdom. Mindy walked back to the room and Andrea woke up. Mindy told her about her great night and everything that Mike had told her. Just before Mindy turned out the light to go to bed she looked over at Andrea and said "Some day I am going to marry him".

The next morning, January 5th, the alarm went off bright and early and Mindy jumpped into the shower...she had a big day today. After making sure that she looked "neat and pretty" she jumpped on the bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom to meet her newly found prince. Mindy walked through the gates and took a seat at the front of the entrance way on the right hand side of the garden that looks like Mickey Mouse. She sat there and waited for her prince to show. He was 15 mintues late! She could not get mad at him since she had left him waiting the night before. Mindy finally grew tired of waiting and gave Mike a call. He was just getting off the monorail. He had waited for the ferry but realized that the Monorail would be faster and ended up having to wait. They walked through the tunnel and started walking down Main St. Through out the day they found out new and exciting things about eachother. Mike mentioned that he had family in Massachusettes and had just flown back from there the day that Mindy flew in from Maine both flying out of the same airport. They talked about family and that Mindy really was his favorite name. He actually came home from the hospital in a pink blanket with the name Mindy embroydered on it. *that must have been a shock for his mom to be taking a baby boy home* Mike and mindy had a wonderful time that day. They enjoyed the rides, food, conversations and laughs they shared. After their day at the Magic Kingdom they took the ferry back over to the TTS to find Mike's car. They jumpped on the tram and headed for the parking lot. Once they arrived back to All Star Sports they sat in Mike's car and talked for another 4 hours. They decided that they would keep intouch and see if they could make something work long distance. They agreed that they would speak on the phone and over the internet and would travel to visit eachother whenever they could. That night they shared their first kiss :hug: and said their good byes since Mindy was leaving in the morning.

After, a trip to Maine on Valentine's day that same year and a trip to Florida that same April, Mike was on his way with a U-Haul on Mother's Day to live with Mindy in Maine. *I always joke and say that he was the best souvinEAR I've ever brought home* He moved into her parents house with her and they made trips to Disney whenever they could. They eventually moved out of Mindy's parents house after about a year into their very own place.

October 2007, Mike and Mindy decide to take their semi annual trip to Florida. They arrived and went straight to the hotel. Mike had promised Mindy that she would get to see Wishes since she never had before. Hand in Hand they walked through the park. Everytime they go they are reminded of their first offical date where all of their magic started. It was dark and Mike said that he had spoken to someone that had seen the show before and the best place to watch it would be on the train station becuase there wouldn't be many people. Unfortuanely they were wrong. Spectromagic had just ended and there were about 5 rows of people on the deck. :sad2: Mindy mentioned that it would be ok they could still see the fireworks from where they were standing. Mike stood behind her where with his arms around her while they watched the sky light up with beautiful colors. After the fireworks Mike did not want to rush off. He did not want to have to deal with the crowds of people trying to get on the monorail. Unfortunately Mindy was ready to go. She was warm, her back hurt and she was tired. Mike mentioned that maybe they should go and sit where they first met at the park for their first date and sit there while watching the people. As they were sitting there a group of teenagers sat across from them under the Mickey garden. They began kicking a ball that was coming close to them. Mindy begged Mike to start walking to the Monorail to head back to the room. Mike wanted to stay and wait out the crowd some more. He walked Mindy over to the opposite side of the Mickey Garden over by the trash can. He stood there for a moment and turned to her. He told her how much he loves her, how beautiful she is and how much she has changed his life for the better. He looked into her eyes and asked her to marry him. Mindy's eyes began to well with tears. He wispered to her that he knows she doesnt like a scene so he wasn't planning on getting down on one knee but he said that he would if she wanted him to. He pulled out the ring and she replied with a yes!:yay:

On Jaunary 4th,2009 we were surrounded by our family and friends at our rehursal dinner at O'hana's! The very next day we were married at the Wedding Pavilion at noon and were swept away to our reception at the California Grill.

http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2101/134/17/1315765854/n1315765854_255306_8301.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=255307&id=1315765854)
So back to the present!

We have decided to go to Disney for our honeymoon! What we have planned so far January 3rd to the 11th:

Jan 2nd:
Staying by the airport in Manchester NH

Jan 3rd: (my birthday)
~Flying out on Southwest at 7:30am and landing in Orlando around 10:30!
~Pick up our car from National Car Rental. (Thanks Priceline!)
~Once we have our car we are off to All Star Sports!!!!

~hopefully not eatting dinner at the ESPN Zone-I love me some Tom Brady but I really dont care to watch Football on my birthday :)

Now we wait...We have to wait until October to make ADRs
Fingers cross
Jan 4th - O'hanas for dinner during wishes
Jan 5th - Cali Grill lunch or dinner
Jan 8th - Family Fun Run - Mike and I will be running together

Here is where I need your help!
Any idea for any other romantic meals?
We have the dinning plan so as long as it isnt incredibly expensive like V&A's that we wont be able to use the dinning plan for im up for anything :) We will already be eatting at the San Angel Inn becuase we are obsessed with mexican food but we are not sure what days :)

09-18-2009, 06:11 AM
Alright so as the day gets a little closer to making the ADRs ive been trying to keep myself occupied here! I have started to pick up toiletries and stuff like that. I have also completed a college application to go back to school for Hospitality Management. My boss is away next week so I should be really busy doing both of our jobs. I am hoping October 3rd comes quickly!!!!!:rolleyes1

10-04-2009, 08:48 PM
OH how things can change in a split second! No more All Star Sports!! We are taking advantage of the 4/3 deal and have upgraded to the Caribbean Beach Resort for only $70. more for the entire 8 nights!!! I am so excited i cant even standing it. We can make our ADRs tomorrow...here's what I am hoping to get.

1/4-O'hanas - 8:30pm for the fireworks
1/5-San Angel Inn 11:30am - California Grill 7:00pm for our anniversary dinner
1/6-Tony's 6:30pm (MK)
1/7-Paradiso 37 (DT) 7pm
1/8-Family Fun Run...NO big meals
1/10-Italiy in Epcot 7:00pm
1/11 - home

Wish me luck...im getting up at 3:00am!!!! YUCK! but so worth it!!!!:surfweb::banana::banana::banana::banana::ba nana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::bana na::banana::banana::banana::banana:

10-08-2009, 08:08 AM
ok so seriously the ADR process was a DIZ-ASTER! I was one of the lucky few who's confirmation number wasn't being accessed by the online system. So i got up at 3 to make sure that we were able to get what we wanted. Well I get the dreaded error and get up once an hour just to make sure. I finally decide at 5:30 that i am just going to wait until 7 at this point. I got a call at 6:15 from my work telling me that i have to be in because someone called out!!! I had to call while in the car. I was driving with my knee while holding up the phone and writing confirmation numbers...yup i was THAT person..lol. We were not able to get everything we wanted. The times we didnt really care that much about but we were most concerned with the places. (so concerned...that DH didnt bat so much as an eyelash at 3,4,or 5!)
So here is what we have:
1/4 Ohana 7:05
1/5 San Angel Inn 11:35
California Grill 7:05
1/10 tutto Italia 7:05

We decided to skip Paradsio 37 becuase it is the night before the run and should eat something other than mexican and tequilla ;) Tony's was completely booked for the 6th. I was really bummed becuase we had never eatten there! We figure we would just keep the other 3 meals for walk ups and take our chances...lol

I did however just order a cake for the cali grill. It is going to be a replica of our wedding cake. Not the whole thing just the top tier. The gave me the 6in option for $45++ . I sent an email today about how big the cake needed to be to really customize it. I am hoping not tooo big ... i dont want to be eatting cake the entire time we are there!!!

I cant wait!:woohoo:

10-10-2009, 10:36 PM
cake is ordered. Inorder to have customized flavors we had to order a 10in. That is waaaay too much cake for 2 people. However I did ask for our cake topper to be put on it. They wont be able to do it becuase we didnt purchase it through disney. Our cake topper was a white castle....sooo...i was able to get a white chocolate castle to put on it. it is now a 60 cake but they will be putting the piped decorations on it that I wanted :) they are going to be able to take the shapes from each layer and put them all on the cake. Also they will be able to put the marine blue ribbon on the bottom too!
http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs207.snc1/7433_1240522935955_1315765854_685682_6060178_n.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=256197&id=1315765854)

12-28-2009, 07:51 AM
We are less than a week away!!! I can no wait. I have been working every day since December 15th :) yes that includes Christmas day. I NEED this vacation. Christmas was great and we got a lot of the stuff that we need. Before Christmas we were only really able to go to the parks while we were there. We didn't have any money to do anything else until now! We both got a ton of disney gift cards :) Thank god now we can go out and do stuff and buy souviners and head over to Disney Quest. My husband wanted to surpise me and was going to buy tickets for the keys to the kingdom tour for the 2 of us for my birthday on the 3rd. I told him that I would rather him pay for my drinks during the vacation instead :) someday we will do it but not on our honeymoon. Alright I have to run off and start packing...augh I hate this part.

01-02-2010, 05:22 AM
So here we go...the day before we are supposed to leave and the day we are leaving to drive to Manchester NH and we are in the midst of a HUGE snow storm!!!! It never fails. The day we left for our wedding a normal 2 hour trip to Manchester ended up takeing us 5 with my brides maids in the back seats with luggage on their laps!

So a slight change in a few plans. This honeymoon is not going to be romantic by any means i can tell. Mike keeps telling me that he is not going to be missing this game and not going to be missing that game...so most of the honeymoon is going to be spent looking for a TV to watch the damn Patriots. No offence to pats fans but...its our damn honeymoon!!!!!! On the bright side to make up for it he did surprise me with Lady Gaga tickets for January 3rd. Crossing my fingers that we make it out in time :)

Anyway...disboards is a magical place! I always creep around in the weddings and engagements. I came accross a post that said proposing at 1/5/10. So me being nosey I read the post. The person that posted is propsing at the Cali grill on the 5th while we will be there. I replyed to the thread and the poster and i have been in touch ever since. I am now going to be in charge of taking pictures of their proposal. So that should be fun!!! :) I know that I am going to cry all over the place.

So anyhoo we will be leaving this afternoon to go to manchester to stay at the springhill suites by marriott!