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09-13-2009, 04:00 AM

with all this about virgin redusing allowances I was wondering, if you booked and the baggage allowance that was in place wasnt honoured, is that grounds to cancel without loss of deposit?

I book virgin for the allowance, Im already paying over the odds for booking virgin holidays instead of waiting for virgin atalntic, which is a 500 difference now

and also with the one car seat or pushchair per child, what do you do when you have two children requiring car seats at ages 1 and 4 months, and also a double buggy, will this be charged?

I really arnt happy with all this

thanks for any responces

Obi Wan Kenobi
09-13-2009, 04:16 AM
Virgin Atlantics terms and Conditions include:

"8.1 Free baggage allowance

You can carry some Baggage free of charge subject to our conditions and limitations, which are available upon request from us or our Authorised Agents and are available at the address specified in Article 3.4. Subject to those conditions and limitations, the maximum permitted weight for a single item of Checked Baggage is 32kgs/70lbs. Single items in excess of that weight will not be accepted for carriage as Checked Baggage. Priority will always be given to carriage of Checked Baggage within the applicable free baggage allowance. Passengers with reduced mobility have further rights with regard to the carriage of mobility aids. Information can be obtained from the Airline."

It does not say 2 x 23Kg or 1 x23kg in that T & C.

As I have said, I would contact Virgin Atlantic (Not virgin holidays as VA are your carrier in terms of the flight) by email and get confirmation as to where you stand.

I cannot see them charging for the buggy. When our little 'un was, for example 3 months old, we had the car seat and the buggy (it was a three in one system where the car seat also fitted the buggy chassis) we put the buggy and the car seat into a Slazenger cricket bag and this was no problem.

If you are stuck with the new system, you actually get a 1 x23 Kg babggage allowance for each infant as well, so at the worst case scenario, the buggy in a bag is one of those luggage allowances.

09-13-2009, 04:30 AM
thanks gonna call them today and pray I dont get the indian contact centre as they seem to struggle with a yorkshire accent!