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09-07-2009, 01:16 PM
I know this has changed since we last did it but how long before the flight can you choose your seats on-line with Virgin Atlantic now? I think it used to be 6 months but was extended at some point.

Any ideas? I can't find it on the website and it does not currently recognise our booking reference for next August so i guess we are too early.

Obi Wan Kenobi
09-07-2009, 01:38 PM
If you have booked direct with Virgin Atlantic, you can REQUEST your seats as soon as you have confirmation

If you have booked through Virgin Holidays or another travel comapny you can only request seats when they send teh details through to Virgin atlantic

09-07-2009, 01:39 PM
You might be just a little bit too early as it is 336 days from your flight home that you can request seats.

09-07-2009, 01:46 PM
Ahhh, 336 days from the flight HOME!

I thought I had heard 336 days but we are currently about 330 days to our flight out. I guess we will just have to wait another week!

Thanks for the info!

Do the available seats still get booked up quickly like they used to? Even so far in advance?