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09-06-2009, 10:35 PM
I hope it is okay to start this over. Hated the format of the original report.

Charlene - That's Me


I am 26 years old. I am originally from Charlotte, NC but now live 45 minutes west of the city to be closer to my husbands family. I work in the city though doing accounts receivable for a major medical laboratory. I have a passion for photography, music and travel. This will be my third visit to Disney world. Unfortunately I don't remember much about my past two trips (one was when I as about 6 and another one about 10 years ago).

Jake - My Son


He is a little over 3 years old and ALL boy. He loves spaceships, Toy Story and his PawPaw. He is a travelin little man so the trip to should be pretty smooth. He's been traveling since a little baby. He has even gotten to go to Las Vegas before his mom and dad have. I can't wait to see his reaction!

Steven - My Husband


Darling husband (most the time) is 27 years old. I have been married to him for 6 years. He is my opposite that attracts. He is my ying to my yang. He has lamented that his parents have never taken him to DisneyWorld. What a poor unprivileged life he has lived. He is a computer techie guy who loves guitars, making music and being a computer nerd.

PawPaw - My FIL


My crazy FIL coming guarantees that we will have a crazy good time. He is a "class clown" and makes long trips more entertaining. He is a retired do-aller who is not the care taker of my son during hubby and I's work hours. His favorite things are being obnoxious, model cars and of course his grandson.

MawMaw - My MIL


A big thanks to my MIL, for she is the one making this trip possible. She loves hanging out with her grand kids, traveling and cleaning. And she would probably kill me if she saw me posting this picture of her!

Maw and Paw are going to Disney World this year for Maw's job's yearly conference. Last year they went to Las Vegas and since Paw is Jake's caretaker during the day they took Jake with them. Her work has had their conference at Disney before and they will be staying at the same hotel in September, the Swan and Dolphin. This year she asked us if we would like to go but Steven comes up with a million reasons as to why we can't go (he's the perpetual pessimist and I am the perpetual optimist). "Money is too tight right now." "I don't think I will be able to take the days needed off from work." "I might be on call this week." But I knew as soon as she asked that I wanted to go. I have been two times before and although I don't remember much at all about those trips I knew it was the happiest place on earth and I wanted to experience it.

The first time I went to Disney World I must have been about 7 years old. I can only recollect bits and pieces of it, nothing related to the parks we visited though. I remember the drive down to Florida and seeing a daycare with Disney characters on it and asking my parents the inevitable (for a kid), "Are we there yet?" and the answer of course was the disappointing, "No!" I remember burning my hand on a toaster (what possessed me to touch a hot toaster is beyond me). And the lizard my uncle brought into the hotel room to show me getting accidentally freed and running amok around the room. The second time I remember a little bit better as it was the year 1999 when I went with my mother. I remember riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad countless times, being too chicken to ride Space Mountain and waiting in a 2 1/2 hour line for Splash Mountain but giving in after 20 minutes.

My son has been a traveling little man since he was born and he handles the travel really well. This will, however be his first trip to Disney. My husband has lamented that he has never been to Disney World, poor boy has lived such an underprivileged life don't you think? :)

So with my determination to go I took the best route to get my husband to change his mind, I softly poked and prodded him. His main concern was money and I reminded him how we wouldn't be paying for room and board, that's a boat load of money we are saving. I told him how driving down, instead of flying (although with gas prices the way they are ....) would save us some money. And I told him if we put money away a little bit here and a little bit there (at least $40 weekly) we should have enough to go. How could you deny such reasoning? So I waited with baited breath as checked his schedule at work to make sure he wasn't on call that week and then but the request for the time off.

09-07-2009, 09:26 AM
And as I expected work was okay with him taking a few days off plus he wasn't to be on call that week anyway so he wouldn't have to worry about messing the order up. I was unable to put in for the days till the beginning of the second part of the year. I wasn't worried though, it was a shoe in for my work.

And so we began to save money which is a hard thing to do for someone who lets her wants (and not her needs) take over when it comes to spending money. Paw offered to put any money that we wanted to save for the trip in a safe at the house and write down the amount on a ledger. So every Friday when we paid him for looking after our son I would at least give him $40. For Jake's 3rd birthday my mom gave him $50 specifically for the trip. And while Jake was camping with Paw I made use of the free time to get 15 hours of over time in! The only thing that got me through those long hours were thoughts of the trip. On a side note recently I sold a nice film camera of mine off craigs list. Next Saturday we plan on having a yard sale and Sunday going to a coin star machine and turn in some change.

So now that we had the requested days off approved and money saved the excitement was much more palatable. For the past month or so I have become obsessed with all things related to our trip. And finding this forum has not helped lessen the madness.

09-18-2009, 04:44 PM
Maw surprised us with the 2 Park Unlimited that which helps us saved some much needed money. Then I made use of the kids prices for adults at SeaWorld which shaved $20 off. Once my overtime check was deposited I bought the tickets for the Magic Kingdom. The yard sell we planned went pretty decent, made $50 off that. And turning in our change for money netted me $50, $30 more than I expected!

And I guess we need some kind of plan right? Well in this case I have a very loose idea of a plan. The idea was to leave Sunday since my husband is on call the week of (and because are reservation is for Sunday) but was able to cut a deal with his friend at work so....

*Saturday 19 - We are heading out from NC at 6am and making our way all the way down to Orlando. I got a room through Priceline for $30 at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Universal. I estimate we will make it to the hotel around 3:30pm. What the rest of the day entails I have no idea.

*Sunday 20 - - Make our way to Universal Studios and do as much as possible till closing time. Then go and check into the Dolphin!

*Monday 21 - Either make our way to Universal to see the things we missed or go to SeaWorld.

*Tuesday 22 - Make our way to Magic Kingdom in time for the rope drop. It will more than likely just be DH and DS. Stay till around lunch or so and then make our way to the hotel. Get some food and rest a bit, try to get son to take a nap. Then go back around 2 with MIL and FIL. Stay till we have our fill.

*Wednesday 23 - Do whatever we didn't do Monday.

*Thursday 24 - The much dreaded drive back home. I will try to take it easy and rest up because crazy me didn't request Friday off at work.

09-18-2009, 05:02 PM
So now onto the current state of things. Yesterday Thursday the 18 was my last day of work. Thankfully I love my job and had plenty to do to keep my busy and my mind occupied. So before I knew it I was on my way home. Took all my strength as I was walking out the doors at work not to scream "I am going to Disney World!" out to everyone. I was on such a high that traffic didn't get me angry like it usually does.

Today I spent the morning cleaning up the house, doing dishes and washing clothes. Because it sure is nice to come home from a trip and have a clean house. It is now 5pm and I have yet to pack up everything as I wait for the last load of clothes to dry. Yeah I am one of those last minute packing type of people. I do however have some of the clothes folded up nicely on the bed and my son is packed. Jake hasn't napped today which is good, means he will go to bed at a decent hour in return I can get to bed at a decent hour.

And hopefully before I know it I will be waking up and going to Disney World!!