View Full Version : There's no such thing as too much planning - my first PTR

09-05-2009, 11:17 AM
So it's five weeks to go until we finally get on that plane and head out on our second Disney adventure. I think I've finally run out of things to plan for, so have decided to share my plans on my first ever pre trip report.

It's also going to be my first attempt at posting photos so fingers crossed. . .

Introductions first - I'm Elizabeth, 26. This will be my second visit to WDW, first was in March 2008 (Easter madness) for our honeymoon, and this will be my first time staying on site (sooooo excited).


DH is Ross, 30. He's been to Disney twice but it'll be his first time staying on site too.


We will be in WDW 10 - 24 October staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Going to MNSSHP for the first time on 18th Oct but still undecided about costumes. Upcoming topics. . .ADRs, itinerary, things I'm most excited about parts I, II and III and endless debates on costume ideas :rotfl: Hope you enjoy!!

09-05-2009, 11:32 AM
Bit more about our trip. . .

We're from Scotland so we get to take advantage of the Ultimate tickets (unlimited access to all four parks for 14 days), and we also have tickets for Universal, IofA and Seaworld. The basic plan is to squeeze in as much park time as possible into the 14 days (who needs sleep?)

Our first time together in WDW was last March for our honeymoon, we had the same tickets as above along with an airboat trip and Discovery Cove. I hadn't discovered the DIS at this point so the only real planning we did was which park on which days. No ADRs, no plan for the parks, no clue what fireworks were on what days... Actually turned out ok, got in to all the restaurants we wanted, walked on to most rides, only encountered big queues a couple of times. Did feel that we missed out on a lot of things because we didn't know they were there though, so this time it's been plan, plan, plan!! We booked this holiday in April last year so it's felt like a looooooong wait but all the planning has made it so much more exciting. Coming up next. . .itinerary :cheer2:

09-05-2009, 11:58 AM
Here's our itinerary:

10/10 - flight is due to arrive at around 5pm, check in at resort, head to DTD and grab a late dinner at Planet Hollywood

11/10 - Full day at Magic Kingdom (eve EMH). ADR for Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)

12/10 - Ohana Best Friends Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch (I couldn't resist!). Spend some time exploring some of the resorts. Dinner at ESPN Club, spend evening at Boardwalk and DTD

13/10 - Full day at Epcot (morning EMH). ADR for Coral Reef Restaurant (lunch)

14/10 - Shopping day - heading to International Drive for some outlet shopping. Dinner ADR for Whispering Canyon Cafe, head to Epcot for eve EMH

15/10 - Full day at Seaworld, spend evening at DTD

16/10 - (think we'll be tired yet?) Full day at Universal Studios, dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co (a big favourite last year even though neither of us like shrimp :lmao:)

17/10 - Miami/Everglades trip

18/10 - Relax at pool. Head to MK in time for the parade, grab a CS meal before MNSSHP at night

19/10 - Full day at Hollywood Studios

20/10 - Full day at Islands of Adventure - spend entire day trying to convince DH that the Hulk coaster is much tamer than it looks :rolleyes1

21/10 - Full day at Animal Kingdom, dinner at T-Rex. Head over later to MK for Wishes

22/10 - Split day between Universal and IofA - dinner at Nascar Cafer, spend evening at Citywalk

23/10 - this is what I call rerun day - trying to get back to all four parks in one day, one last ride on our favourite rides

24/10 - check in bags at Virgin check in at DTD, have a last look around stores at DTD. Head to MK until the parade before heading back to the resort for bus to airport (boo!)

I've tried to plan things so that we can take advantage of EMH, see Wishes and Illuminations a few times and catch Fantasmic. Wanted to spend as much time in the parks as possible, think we'll be pretty tired but have taken another week off work when we come home to recover so think we'll be ok!