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09-01-2009, 07:04 PM
Hey there.

After reading so many great TRs and PTRs I decided to give it a go myself.

Who am I you ask?

Well let me introduce myself and my little cast of characters:

My name is Bree and I (of course) love all things Disney. To go to WDW was a life long dream of mine, and that dream finally came true in 2003. Since then I have been 8 more times. Hey, I have a lotta lost years to make up for :-) I really can’t get enough of it, and as soon as we get back from our trips I’m usually planning the next one. I know y'all understand, I mean you spend countless hours on the dis so you know exactly how I feel don’t you?

My sweet husband is Greg, and he obliges these trips. He can take or leave WDW (at least that’s what he says) now I tend to believe a different story. He SAYS he can take it or leave it I'm sure so he won’t sound un-cool to his buddies, but I’m thinking that a man that spends his only free day on a business trip to California in DL probably at the very least likes Disney. Whatddya think?? ANNNNND when any of our friends ask about it, he lights up just like me. So that’s my story and I’m stickin to it!

Next is our 2yo Lucas. He of course is our pride and joy. This won’t be his first trip to the world but it will be his first “real trip” to the world. I’m sure you my Disney obsessed friends understand what I mean by this. We’ve taken him two times, once at 2 months and again at 1yo so I could run the marathon (that’s another post altogether). Neither time did he really ride anything, but he did lunge at Mickey when we met him. My heart grew three sizes that day, and I knew at that moment he was in fact my child :-) Lucas loves Mickey and looks forward to watching him everyday. When MMCH comes on he always says “mommy turn around, look! It’s Mickey!” Seriously, every day he says this. Like I’ve never seen Mickey before, but of course being the awesome mom that I am I turn around and say right back “wow! Mickey!” So I can not wait for him to meet the Big Cheese again, and have my fingers crossed that it’s everything his little imagination hopes it will be. We’re going the week before Lucas’ 3rd b-day….you know, because he’ll still be free.

Here's a recent family pic:


Oh, when is that you ask? Oct. 25-30. We plan on driving down on the 24th and staying somewhere cheap, then checking into the AKV on the 25th. We are fortunate to have friends that own DVC and are generous enough to rent us points for pretty cheap. I can’t wait to stay at AKV, we got savannah view, and I plan on drinking my coffee with the animals every morning of our stay. AKV was Greg’s choice. I had planned on staying at WLV so we could take the boat to MK but he thought that AKV would be cool, and since he usually doesn’t care where we stay I let him pick this time. I know, I’m such a giver…..really I am……really.

Up next, our plans……


09-17-2009, 06:31 PM
I spend so much time lurking on all your TRs & PTRs. I am determined to put myself out there & keep up with my own.

We are about 5 weeks from our trip & it really is the only thing on my mind right now. Does anyone else get this way? It doesn't matter what & who I'm talking to I'll find a way to work it in the conversation that we're going to WDW.

Our plans have changed a bit in the last week. The grandparents have decided to drop in for a few days of our trip. They are going to surprise Lucas, and I think he is going to flip his little toddler lid when he sees them; because of course they are two of his favorite people. The other plus is that Grandaddy is the official photographer of the family so we'll actually get to get lots of current family photos with all 3 of us. YAY!

This trip I decided is going to be our "disney zen" trip. Every year we attack disneyworld like it's the only time we're ever going to be there, and I quite frankly am tired of this game plan. It's going to help having Lucas with us, he can't ride a lot of stuff so we'll have to take it slow. Plus I really want to enjoy watching him take it all in, enjoy our beautiful resort (yay AKV!), & spend some much needed quality time with my little family. I really appreciate the GPs wanting to spend time with Lucas on his b-day trip, but I hope they are open to just going with the flow with us.

Up next: Where to Eat? & past trips

in the meantime here's a pic from our 10th anniversary trip last year:



09-28-2011, 06:59 AM
Your son is adorable :) There is nothing better than a child with a love for the Mouse! haha! This trip sounds like it will be great. There is nothing better than when you finally sit down and say, "Hey, let's not go through Disney World like maniacs this year!! Let's really enjoy our vacation" haha! It took my family a couple of years but we figured it out! Good luck on your trip and post some more.. sounds like a wonderful family :)