View Full Version : Could use some ideas...

08-30-2009, 09:55 PM
I'm heading to WDW in 29 days. I'm taking my parents & it'a a huge celebration trip. My mom will be going to WDW without the use of a wheelchair for the first time in years. :banana:

So my dad has a conference just before & will be meeting us there. Well, what my mom doesn't know is that I added on two more days to our trip! So now we will have a 4 day Mother/Daughter trip & then my dad will join us. This will be our second Mother/Daughter trip & we will be staying at the same hotel again, BWV.

Now here's where I need help. Does anyone have any ideas of a good way to tell her the big surprise?

I was thinking of scrapbooking a page about it & then framing it & giving it to her, but I've done that before for her Christmas present & I think she'll catch on real quick.

On this trip I'm also surprising her with the Wishes Dessert Party.

Anyone have any ideas?? :confused3

I'm not very creative at all & I really want this to be special for her. :wizard:

Thank you in advanced for any suggestions you can give. :grouphug: