View Full Version : Sept Hours & Crowds

07-05-2002, 07:26 AM
WE will be making our first visit to US/IOA in Sept and will be staying at RP. Just wondering how crowded the parks would be on a Saturday and how late they will be open. I know we'll have front of the line access since staying on site, but my husband is not really great with huge crowds in general! We'll be there Sept 13-15. Thanks, Jo

07-05-2002, 12:18 PM
September is a very slow time at the theme parks. Lines tend to be very short. The only busy time in September is Labor Day weekend.

07-05-2002, 12:36 PM
Yeah! Thanks Barry

07-05-2002, 05:01 PM
We have a group of four adults going to IOA on Wednesday, Sept 11. We really only want to ride the coasters and maybe the water rides. Any idea how much time we need to allocate?

Is it a half day, whole day, more than a day?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!