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08-24-2009, 07:00 PM
Having replied to Johnny's thread regarding the spiralling costs of travelling to WDW I find myself back tracking as my DH is still determined that we will fly UC again on our next trip which will either be Feb or May 2010.

If he bangs on about it for too much longer I *might* back down as I would obviously LOVE to fly UC again but if prices remain as they are, I can't see myself giving in and so my question is....

Is there any chance that the cost of the flights might drop at any point? Does this ever happen for UC on the MAN-MCO route? It seems unlikey to me as as far as I know there are only 12 seats in total.... My experience is that they only seem to go up having kept an eye on prices after we have booked in the past.....

Any thoughts on what to do - other than rob a bank :rotfl:

Ali :goodvibes

08-25-2009, 03:07 AM
Virgin do have sales on from time to time normally February , last year I went UC at Christmas 5 tickets MAN to MCO but I bought the tickets (and paid for them in February)

I am off again in less than 3 weeks:banana: UC and bought 2 tickets and paid for them in January this year

each time cost was about 1200 including about 200 tax etc! , to me that is a sale price as some times its as much as 3000, still a lot of money but as I have to pay for it so long before we fly I forget how much I have spent when we board and I love getting into my UC seat and getting my first glass of champagne:cool1:

08-25-2009, 05:44 AM
Thanks for your reply :goodvibes

We paid around 1200 each the first time we flew UC and I would happily pay that price again.

The price is currently around 1700 each at the moment for the dates we are looking at and so obviously that adds 2k to our total price which is a huge difference.

I guess I'd better sit tight a bit longer and monitor the prices. We want to incorporate a week of school holidays in either Feb or May so at least we are not wanting to fly at peak times of the year but at the same time we do have dates that we need to roughly stick to...... not sure how long I can wait though as I would like to get the villa booked too......

Thanks again for your reply.

Ali :goodvibes