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08-24-2009, 05:21 PM
Ok well I thought I'd start out with a detailed description of our family. I have 7 siblings all together and we all range from 3 years old to 22 years old. We are all adopted. Some of us were adopted from foster care and some from adoption agencies. We are a very diverse family (please stay with me... we have a rather LARGE family and this isn't everybody!)

::MinnieMome (Annastesia)- I'm the big sister to 6 of the siblings. I'm 18 and the 2nd oldest in the family. I am the first adoptee of my family and have lived here since I was 2 months old. Iím the official Disney World Trip planner and I enjoy every minute of organizing it (so Iím going to need the help of my fellow Disboards friends).

Now, I'm pretty sure that there isn't a DISboard abbreviation for DISsiblings:laughing: so I will make my own.

Dsis= my sister
Dbro= my brother
Ddad= my dad
Dmom= my mom

This is Saundria and I... I'll get to her later...

Ddad- I left out his age cuz I figured he wouldn't appreciate the news broadcast very much...Anyway, my dad is the Senior Pastor at our church and is such an awesome man.

Dmom- Ditto for mom on the whole age thing... My mom is such a miraculous lady and gets so much done for our family. You would NEVER know how she does it though! My mom is truly an amazing women for having to put up with what she did.

:music:Dsis15- She is (obviously) fifteen years old. She was adopted at 13 and lived with us for about a year before then. She loves listening to music.

:stitch:Dbro11- He LOVES animals! He can recite every detail about nearly any animal he has studied. His favorite channel is Animal Planet so of course he is going to ADORE Animal Kingdom.

pirate:Dbro8- He is the rough-n-tough boy of the family. He will get right down and dirty and have a blast doing so! This guy right here is my roller coaster buddy for the entire trip.:rotfl:

:charac4:Disbro7- He is the little guy of the family but has a big personality. He such a cutie and also enjoys bugs like his big brother.


:sunny:Dsis3- This adorable little girl is the whole reason we get to enjoy this magical trip in Dec. Her name is Saundria (pronounced Sawn-dre-ya)... But everyone calls her Sunny:flower:

Saundria is only 3 years old and has been through more then any adult could bear. She was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) when she was just 2 years old. Before she was diagnosed my mom could tell something wasn't right with her. She complained about her ears hurting so my mom took her to the doctors. They all said that she just had a double ear infection and gave her some antibiotics. For a good week or two we continued to give her antibiotics but they didn't seem to do anything.
I remember going to church one Sunday and she couldn't even walk on her own (now we know that it was the Leukemia attacking her bones). We didn't know what was going on. She had walked fine the day before. My mom had planned on visiting my grandparents, who live Ohio. She took Sunny and Dbro8 along with her. This is when Sunny was diagnosed. My mom told me that she knew something was wrong because when they went shopping, Sunny was slumped over in the cart. If you know my sister, you know she's not a laid-back child. So the next day my mom took her to the emergency room. They ran tests and diagnosed her with ALL. Immediately afterwords, they airlifted Sunny to a nearby hospital. At first, the hospital told my mom that they would have to stay there for 2 weeks or so. I donít know how this happened but they arranged for Sunny to be flew out of the childrenís hospital back to our hometown hospital.


Since my dad ended up going to Ohio to meet my mom, no one was here to stay with Sunny in the hospital. I agreed to meet her at the hospital so she had someone that she knew when she flew in. Iíll never forget that moment when they brought her into the hospital room. She was crying and frightened because mommy wasnít with her anymore. She looked around the room at all of the relatives that were there to support her. She finally looked at me and there was a glimpse of joy in her eyes. She was so happy that she cried even harder. She called out for me and wouldnít let me out of her sight. I immediately switched into Big Sister mode and proceeded to protect and comfort her in anyway possible. We got so many visitors that day from family, friends, and members of my parents church. They brought gifts, toys, balloons, and cards but she never let go of me until she that night. I stayed in the room with her until my parents showed up that night. The sight of my baby sister lying in that hospital bed is an image that will stay with me forever. Sunny stayed in the hospital for a total of ten days that time. I had visited every chance I got and she was very grateful of that. Another incident I will never forget is when my sisters and I visited Sunny one night. We had a blast playing with her and talking to her. We all tried to make her feel comfortable in the hospital and let her know that we were there for her. When it was time to leave she said good bye to my two other sisters but wouldnít let me leave. She started crying uncontrollably and called for me as I walked through the hallways. I broke down in that hallway and could barely walk from crying so much. I hated to leave my sister when she wanted me there with her. One of the hardest times was walking down that hall knowing that Sunny was crying for me. My dad saw my pain and let me stay with her even though I had school the next day.

08-25-2009, 09:18 AM
OMG, your trip report has the old lady crying, too. You're a good sister. WHY do such horrible things happen to such innocent little ones?

You're doing a great job, Annastesia (if I spelled it wrong I'm sorry - I've scrolled back to the top of the page twice but can't hold it in my memory long enough to get it typed.)

Glad you found the wish trip thread!

08-25-2009, 10:18 AM
OMG, your trip report has the old lady crying, too. You're a good sister. WHY do such horrible things happen to such innocent little ones?

You're doing a great job, Annastesia (if I spelled it wrong I'm sorry - I've scrolled back to the top of the page twice but can't hold it in my memory long enough to get it typed.)

Glad you found the wish trip thread!

Thank-you! Yes, you spelled my name right. I know it's a difficult name to spell and you should hear how people pronounce it.:rotfl:
It's pronounced "Anna-stay-jah". Like Cinderella's Step-sister! ( I can't wait to meet her just so I can tell her we have the same name! :woohoo:)

08-25-2009, 10:25 AM
What a precious story. Sounds like Sunny really needed you and you were certainly there for her. :hug:

I will link this one in the Wish Trippers thread...I have a few others to do today, too! :thumbsup2

Awesome job! :)

08-26-2009, 06:03 PM
I am so glad you started your ptr! What a wonderful family you have. I will be following along as you share your MAW journey!

08-26-2009, 10:01 PM
add me to the crying my eyes out list
what a special family you have there
we are also a foster/adopt family :lovestruc

Beauty & the Best
08-26-2009, 10:15 PM
I have a big family of spread out ages too. There are 8 of us (used to be 9, I lost a brother a few years ago :sad1:) and our ages range from 26 to 52.

I'm sure your sister is thankful to have someone as strong as you obviously are to help her. I wish I could reach through this computer and give you a big hug :hug:

08-26-2009, 10:16 PM
Aw what a sweet story. I hope she is doing better now. How exciting for your family to get to go to Disney! I can't wait to hear more!

08-27-2009, 04:07 PM
She is a doll! What a sweet sis you are...keep us posted and be sure to let us know when you're all going. :goodvibes

08-30-2009, 09:59 PM
Thank you to everyone that responded and continue to follow my family's story. We haven' gotten an official leave date but we'll be gone the first week of December. We'll be in Dis for Sunny, Disbro11, and my birthdays!!!!

Soo I've been planning this trip since we found out last year in the fall. I'm very excited for our family to get to go and have a normal family vaca. One thing I'm concerned about id over planning. I'm almost positive I've over planned our trip. It's no big deal to my family members because if we don't do everything on our list, they don't know what their missing. As for me...:confused3 I've sat each child down and let them read the Brimingham Official Guide that we received in the mail a while back. They are super excited to be able to ride "big kid rides" and still see their fav Dis characters. Since we have such a large family, I wanted the trip to be as fair to everyone as possible. I wrote down the rides that each child would want to ride and highlighted their "Top 3" for each park. I promised that they will get to do their top 3 at least but they might have to tag along to see other stuff too. It was so funny because the boys asked if they have to go see the princesses with Sunny. I told them that they would have to suck it up and see some stuff that is not on their list. I got this large growl all in uni cine. It was funny! I told them that the princesses sometimes kisses the boys and they all groaned...:rotfl::rotfl2:

I explained that I will take them to some of their rides but I also wanted to make memories w/ Sunny in Ariel's Grotto and the princess rooms (what I didn't tell them is that I'm stoked to meet the Pixie hollow fairies and Anastasia). Boys are so funny about that kind of stuff... I can already tell that I'm going to have a blast with them. I get to do the boy stuff as well as the girl stuff and do the "kiddie" stuff while enjoying the big stuff. LOL But, for now I need to focus on school so the wait isn't so intense.... Yea right, u'll find me in every class reading the Disney book we got...:rotfl2:

09-01-2009, 02:57 PM
Hi there!

Can't wait for you to get dates! I will be in Disney from the 10-20th of December. I fly in late on the 10th. I will be at GKTW the morning of the 12th for sure and maybe some more that week. :)

Sounds like you have done a GREAT job in evaluating the things that everyone would like to do and fitting it all in!

They are all going to have a wonderful time! I think you will find that some of your plans end up going out the window because you "get a better offer" or something comes up that you would rather do instead.

I am sure you guys will split up some of the time to divide and conquer some of the rides, and that will work, too.

Don't stress too much about the planning! Sounds like you are on the right track! :)

Glo's wish
10-10-2010, 07:59 PM
Wow! Your intro had me crying too! I am o excited that your family gets to go on this trip! I'm looking forward to reading more of your plans. :goodvibes