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strawberry blonde
08-19-2009, 06:26 AM
Came back Feb after another great holiday. Usually would book to go back Feb '11 but DS 17 finishes sixth form next June and wants to go to uni.

Thought about Dec '10 ( My big birthday) but DS14 would have mock GCSE's in Jan which would also rule out Easter'10 because of revision (DH big birthday).

I know the obvious answer is to go in the Summer holidays but we're no good in the heat. Went for our honeymoon back in June 1990 and said never again. Too hot .

I would just love another family holiday before Ds17 decides he doesn't want to come away with us again.

DH now fancies LA and Vegas :mad:

Sorry it's so long . Think it's called Mad Mum Empty Nest Syndrome(in a year!!) :rolleyes1

08-19-2009, 06:41 AM
We've just come back from our last family WDW holiday. DS is off to uni (depending results tomorrow!) and his age combined with our committment to support him financially at uni means there's no chance of a WDW holiday for a long, long time.

But you're right, once they start exams, mock exams and revision your times to go on holiday are severely limited. A lot will depend on which uni course he's doing - some have a one or two week break in February, others don't.

We've only ever known WDW in the heat of August so don't know any better - we manage OK by using air conditioned attractions when things get too much.

You might have to weigh up your desire for one last family holiday over your need for cooler temperatures.

08-19-2009, 06:45 AM

We have only ever been in July and would not hesitate to go back. I think it is not so much the heat as your pace which leads to the exhaustion.

Although, unis do get very long holidays if you decide to wait a while.

Best wishes

strawberry blonde
08-19-2009, 08:18 AM
Thanks for your replies. Think I'm just on a bit of a downer at the minute and having a holiday booked makes me feel that I have something to look forward to.

Maybe end of August/ beginning Sept'10 might be possible but can't see DH wanting to go with afternoon downpours and the heat. He really doesn't like the heat which is why Feb is great...cool mornings and evenings for him and beautiful afternoons for me.

We will be back at some point in the future. Can't live without the Florida Fix.