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Hi all,

I've been asked to figure out which insurance policy my family should use to go to WDW in Oct but I'm a bit stumped. I've looked at some comparison sites but their all bringing up dozens of companies I've never heard of and so would be wary of recommending to unseasoned travellers. I'm also unsure as to whether they'd need to get two seperate policies or whether a family one would cover them (are family policies just for parents and children?)

They are a group of 3, my mum (58), sister (37) and her daughter (7). No pre-existing conditions or previous problems anywhere. They should just need basic cover but I want to make sure they'll be ok in the very unlikely event of something major happening like a terrorist attack as I know some policies were excluding things like that a while back. They're very nervous about travelling as they don't go often and can get themselves in a complete muddle very easily.

Any suggestions for cheap, decent cover?

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we went with atlas direct last year and a year cover for both me and my husband was around 30 and that included baggage, I would have gone with them this year but they would not cover my twin pregnancy so went with aa

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Been looking into exactly the same issue only a couple of weeks ago. Found an independent money saving website that had a lady giving advise on this subject. She use to live in England and now works as a debt collector for a hospital in America. Based on her experiences (of rejected claims over a lengthy period of time) she recommended Tesco, Norwich Union (Aviva) and Fortis. If my memory serves me correctly she mentioned AXA as being really poor. (Remember to check who the underwriters are, not the brokers).

Hope this is of some help.

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Please see my post on a previous topic with regards to Travel Insurance, the same will still apply but just select the type of travel insurance you require (instead of pre-medical).

Click Here (http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=33250902&postcount=13)

Let me know how you get on :thumbsup2

08-23-2009, 04:44 AM
We are using Direct Travel again this time we have used them before but luckily never had to make a claim. They cover all the basics plus they give you great medical cover in case you have to seek medical care which can become very expensive in the USA.
They will send you an email detailing what's covered once you agree to purchase it and you can print it off but it only took a couple of days to get the real policy in the post. They also have a phone number for non-emergency medical help from trained nurses as well as a direct number for everything else you may want to contact them about which will be on cards with your policy number on so you don't need to take lots of paperwork into the parks with you to know what you are covered for.

They can also cover for scheduled airline failure if you choose to have it included.