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08-08-2009, 08:44 PM
Hi all,
As my title states we have a lot going on in the next year and it is going to cost me a lot but what the heck....I want to go to Disney too so me and my 10 year old son, Simba are planning a 7 night trip just the two of us for Sept 2010.

I was going to make this a surprise trip but since 50% or more of the fun for me and my gang is the planning I decided to let Simba know and it made a huge difference! He was feeling a little left out since my son Goofy (17 yrs old) is graduating in June 2010, Donald (almost 20 yrs old) is in college 8 hours away, and Mickey (22 yrs old) and Minnie are having thier formal wedding in August 2010. It's everything everyone talks about so I thought we have never done trip alone so here we go!

08-08-2009, 09:17 PM
Me: 46,single Mom of 4 sons (Simba, Goofy, Donald, Mickey) I work for a private University and have just become a part time home based travel agent specializing in (yep) Disney!

Simba: 10 years old, and the youngest of my mob. We have a special bond because he was only 1 years old when his father and I divorced and I basically have raised him alone.

We are hoping that my sister, Tink travel with us but since it is so far away we are not sure. She goes every year in May and September (DVC owner) but her plans for next year may change.

I don't have to tell you that my other two son's are a bit ticked that we are going but Goofy is going to Germany for 3 weeks with school in the Spring of 2010 and graduating (then college) and Donald will be back in school when we go. They have been to Disney more than Simba because they are much older than him so we are calling this the first of the catch up trip,lol. :rotfl: Mickey is in the Air Force and will be in California with his wife, Minnie when we go.

Another reason for the this trip....we went in May of this year for 9 days and we just so happened to get there with the arrival of a tropical storm that lasted every single day we were in Disney World. This wasn't one of those rain for an hour or so then clear up rains, this was rain for hours and hours and get a little sun for an hour. We never made it to a water park, we went swimming once at the resort (they closed the pool everyday we were there for the lightening) and we wore our poncho's more in the parks than we had them off. I told my kids that I wanted a do over....so I am getting one!

We have so far decided on PO French Quarters from Sept 19th thru the 26 or 27th. It all depends on the funding and if there is free dining. I know since it just the two of us I could just stay at a valu resort but we love POFQ so much that I am leaning that way. I also thought about maybe going to the one resort that I have ALWAY wanted to stay at and that is the Beach Club. It will depend on the specials that come out.

Simba has already told me that we have to eat at the 50's Prime time, Liberty Tree tavern and the Plaza. We went to the Plaza for the first time this May and we loved it there. We were the 100th family of the day and they made a huge fuss over us and gave us free desserts and a certificate. It was a nice sprinkle of pixie dust for the end of our trip.

He is worried that since I don't do roller coasters that he cant go on the RocknRoll Coaster and Everst. I told him I will suck it up and go on them if he goes on the Tower of Terror with me :)

I am hoping this trip will be special for him and not boring since it will only be the two of us (unless Tink goes with us) so lets cross our fingers.

08-09-2009, 09:13 AM
1.) Bring umbrellas from home...they cost $10 a piece at Disney
2.) The Disney rain poncho's are better than the ones from Walmart/Dollar Store
3.) Bring a jacket...even when it's in the 80's it gets chilly/damp when it rains for hours and hours
4.) For us...no more water park packages, we will buy the tickets thre if we end up going. We never got to go in May because of the storms so we wasted that $
5.) Carry flip flops in back pack just in case sneakers get soaked in the parks.
6.) Carry zip lock bags (zipper kind) with a dry washcloth inside for camera's, wallets, etc when the storm gets so bad your backpack gets soaked.

08-09-2009, 09:16 AM
Last night Simba saw me typing on the forum and this brought on his "thinking" mode. When Simba thinks, we all sort of want to run away. He explains every thought and why to all of us several times, in case we didnt understand him the first 10 times,lol.
He informed me (it took 1/2 an hour) that he has been thinking and thinking and wants to try WIlderness Lodge or Beach Club this time (and I am sure I will hear this a million times) since his brothers aren't going it's all about what "we want" not them,lol.:rotfl2:
Do you think my 10 year old is getting tired of his 3 older brother's? LOL

08-14-2009, 02:13 PM
Since Simba really wants to go to WL and I really wanted to go to BC or POFQ I explained to him that we will do some research. He looked at me and said...just ask those people who live in Disney, they'll let you know which is better. By the way...you are all the people that "live" in Disney. He knows that yo really dont live there but he feels like you do since according to him you all get to go there more than we do,lol. In his head...that is not fair. He also thought everyone on this forum knew each other and hung out even when not in Disney.

Anyway...I told Simba that we will book POFQ but if a good special comes out where it would be financially okay for us we will stay at WL or BC. Okay here is the thing...which to choose. After hearing about the buses being shared at BC by Swan, Dolphin, Boardwalk and YC!!!! :headache: and that you cant get to the front entrance of Epcot unless you go to another park or resort get a bus/monorial and then head back over to Epcot Future World, I have almost completly check BC off my list. Still....it is my dream to stay there.

What are your thoughts?

08-14-2009, 04:24 PM
Yay, I'm first to join you in your planning!

That's so cute that he thinks we all know each other and hang out! :rotfl:

I would probably pick WL. It's SO gorgeous! But I'm from the Pacific NW, so perhaps I'm biased. The shared buses at the All Star Resorts were the main reason we chose to stay at Pop. I don't want to deal with Transportation nightmares.

08-14-2009, 05:46 PM
Welcome SilverL!!:cool1:

The other resorts that I have stayed at (CBR, OKW and POFQ) didnt share buses so it amazes me that the deluxes SHARE!!! I am leaning towards WL cuz Simba is so excited about staying there. My only real draw back...we live in the north, we see pine trees and cabins, etc all the time....wanted more of a tropical feel.

08-14-2009, 06:28 PM
Hello! I'm enjoying your plans so far! I'm totally in now!

08-14-2009, 06:57 PM
Welcome MickeyisBeast!!! :woohoo:

Well it's 90 degrees here in Niagara Falls today and since 99% of our summer has been rain and in the 70's we considered today a heat wave and we were wilting. I am not exaggerating with the weather here. I think it followed me from Disney from May when we had the storms for 9 days.

This also reminds me.....the first 2 times we went to the World we did 7 days, said not enough!!!!!! Of course 7 days is not enough it is actually 5 days if you take the first and last day out cuz of traveling. Then there i sleeping and eating and bus rides, etc so we really only had 3 days (LOL I can get this down to a few hours if I really tried,lol :rotfl2:) so our last 2 trips were 9 days. Not enough for me but my pocket book said ...enough!!!

This trip for me and Simba was suppose to be 5 days, 6 at the most since it was going to be a quick relaxing get away after the grad party, shower, rehearsal, and wedding. :eek: Oh my gosh I am wiped out just thinking about the year ahead of us. I may have to stick a SPA day in there between events! I love a SPA day!!! Of course I have only done them twice but I remember what they felt like.

Back to my train of though..I tend to go off on tangents alot, so be warned!!
Now that I am a home based travel agent I get commissions even for my own trips to Disney (more than the discount by alot) so I extended our trip to Sunday to Sunday (Sept 19th to 26th) what I really want is Saturday to Sunday (18th to 26th) so I think I may have to go out and sell more vacations in order to pay for this one. Eventually I want to have a big enough base clientel (did I spell that right) to pay for .....here it comes....yes......DVC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer2:
That is my dream in life besides working for Disney as the person who drives the lil golf carts around and just makes sure everyone is having fun. I don;t know if that is a job at Disney but it should be if not. There we go if all the Dis'er's write to Disney and tell them that I want a job that does that...do you think they would do it?

Do you think I am talking too much? Okay I'll stop for now!

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08-15-2009, 10:00 AM
When we go to the World we are always with a group/crowd, large hord, etc. Since it will be just me and Simba (and possibly Tink - my older sister) we have decided to try MNSSHP (from here on out will be called Hallo Party,lol)
but this is our chance to do things that we have never done before (like the Hallo Party). I need your help!!!
We do the parks, DTD and Typhoon Lagoon that is it. Need some ideas, please.

08-26-2009, 06:34 PM
HI all....I have a chance of booking 5 families going on vacation next Spring...they are thinking Disney world since the kids in the group go from 6 to 21 years old plus 10 parents. If they go to Disney in April and I get to do the bookings for them (we are very close to closing this deal) then my commission could close to $1800 which would pay for 90% of mine and Simba's trip!!:banana:
I never count on $ until it's in my hand but I am very psyched about this.
I have been dreaming about BC since 1997 and I really really want to stay there. The codes would still have to be great in order for us to stay there but at least with this commission there is a chance that my dream would come true :)

By the way...Simba thinks we are staying for a few days not a whole week and I am saving this for a total surprise. I almost blew it when I was talking Tink in front of him but we covered it really fast and good. He doesn't know the actual dates we are going so I thought I would tell him we are going from Wednesday (Sept. 22nd) to Sunday (Sept. 26th) and then on Saturday (Sept 18th) I will wake him up and tell me we are leaving RIGHT THEN. He wont believe me, seriously, he won't,lol.
You maybe asking yourself...won't even think it is weird that the bags are packed so early? The answer...no...we are usually totally packed weeks before we go :rotfl2: and I mean totally packed. I am a bit anal like that.

We even buy new toothbrushes, etc for the trip and pack everything as soon as we buy them. Our second trip (the first I didn't know what to expect) I was actually packed more than a month before we left. I am very lucky that the kids totally get this about me.

Please let me know if there is anything besides Pirates League and Hallo party that I can surprise him with...normally I have 2 to 4 of my sons with us and the $ is tight but with only 2 of us....ah the possibilities,lol.

08-26-2009, 07:46 PM
Yeah I know...it's too early...don't know park hours...don't know dates of hallo party.....the list goes on and on BUT...going to Disney World keeps me sane and gives me something to look forward to that I have as much fun if not more,lol, than my boys.

Here goes...

Saturday Sept 18th...
breakfast- will be at the Buffalo airport...at 5:00 am!!!
early lunch- Beaches and Cream (at BC) since we won't be in any kind of a rush and we can take our time there. I have tried getting here 4 times that I have gone to WDW and it has never happened.
Dinner - Tony's Town Square (in MK) I know the review's for here are hit and miss but after cancelling our ADR's last trip SImba was upset so I made a promise I intend to keep.

We will walk around Main Street after this and no one (which means older boys that want to "get to the rides already" ) can stop us.

Sunday Sept 19th... Epcot

breakfast - Ohana's - family tradition here on Sunday's
lunch - won't have one really. Simba is NOT a big eater. He eats small amounts all day long (he only weighs 70 pounds at almost 11 years old) so picking in the afternoon will be fine.
Dinner - CS in America in Epcot (Simba loves this place, me not so much)

Monday Sept 20th... DHS

breakfast - the little place next door to Brown Derby (after we get our Toy Story Mania FP's
lunch - CS depending where we are in the park...normally it;s near RnRC cuz they have great salads
dinner- 50's Prime Time

Tuesday Sept 21st... AK
breakfast-after FP's for Everest (I am so not looking forward to that ride) we will hit one of the stands at AK.
lunch - CS at Flaming Tree BBQ
dinner- not sure

Wednesday Sept 22nd... MK
breakfast - CP at MK
lunch- pick..pick..pick
dinner- The Plaza

Thursday Sept 23rd... TL or relax day
breakast - CS at resort
lunch - CS at Typhoon Lagoon or relax day
dinner - Dinosaur place in DTD?

Friday Sept 24th AK
breakfast - CS at resort
lunch - CS in Pizzafari
dinner- Simba's pick...probably in a resort someplace (we like to pick a new one each trip to try

Saturday Sept 25th (Last full day :scared1:) MK
breakast - Main Street in MK
lunch- CS Peco's Bill
dinner - Liberty Tree Tavern...favorite for us ...hands down!

Sunday...we leave so not sure what time or anything.

We have tried so many places over the last 2 trips (coral reef, le celliuer, Rose and Crown, Whispering Canyons, Chef Mickey's, Grand Floridan buffet, Mama Melrose and all of the above) that I am not sure where else I WANT to go. I will keep reading menu's and reviews and see what hits me.

Any suggestions?

08-29-2009, 10:42 AM
Well the first group of my family is landing as I type in WDW. My DSis #1, TINK and her hub along with my Mom. On Monday my brother and his youngest son will be arriving there and on Tuesday my DSis #2 and her daughters will be landing. The only ones left here at home will be me and my gang and my brother's wife and 2 other son's. They are all down there without me :sad2:.

Tink goes every May and Sept and we all go at different times with her and her hub. This is the frist trip to Disney that my Mom is making without my Dad who passed away last year so it will be very sad for her.

Oh well, I have to get ready for a birthday party.

08-30-2009, 11:50 AM
I'm not talking about putting things in a suitcase but am I "out there" by putting things in totes to take with us? I have seen a 100 things i would love to order on line that are "disneyish" but worried I was over doing too early.

09-07-2009, 08:43 AM
I have gotten a few calls from my family that is in WDW as we speak. Yesterday they were at O'Hana's having the family traditional brunch there and of course loving it! I was a bit depressed but I Simba told me last night that we "just have to look forward to our trip Mom" and he is right!

My brother (who is a Disney freak also) told me that the Mickey Hallo party was one of the best things he has ever done at WDW. He couldn't say enough about it. My Mom even had a great time! He also said that it was packed for Labor Day weekend. He has never been there when it was that busy, May is the normal travel to WDW month for most of our family.

10-04-2009, 12:33 PM
Things here at home are a bit crazed and finances are super tight so with my boys gone for the day I am here making plans for next year.

We have a student from Germany staying with us for 12 days (Goofy will stay with his family in April 2010). He is very nice and a pleasure to have here with us. Mickey and Minnie will be coming home Oct 17th for 21 days before heading to California to Travis AirForce Base for 3 years. Donald will be coming home from college for 4 days while Mickey and Minnie are home. Soooo October is going to be busy and fun!

So..there has been some adjustments to our plans for Sept 2010.
Simba thinks we are going for 4 days (5 max) and I plan on surprising him Saturday (18th) morning by waking and telling him that we are leaving then for WDW. We will actually be staying from the 18th to the 26th.

We will be staying at POFQ or a valu resort. I would love to upgrade but I have decided to do more while we are there instead of spending it on the resort. Of course...if I fall into more $ before then who knows (LOL).

So the extra's I am looking at MNSSHP, the pirate thing (not sure of the official name right now, my brain is jello,lol). Let me know if you think of anymore.

10-04-2009, 01:13 PM
Disneystore.com had a 70% off sale and $5 shipping so I was able to get 7 Christmas presents for family members and a couple of items for me and Simba for our trip.

For Simba...3 t-shirts and for me 2. So this is this the start....I felt goosebumps when the package came in this week (it only took 5 days for it to come in). Simba asked me as we drove by the dollar store this morning if we will be starting to "pick things up" for the trip soon.

I am in the process of printing out the menu's of all the places he wants to eat and the places he is 50/50 about so he can make his choices easier.

11-22-2009, 10:58 AM
Well readers (of which there are none right now) we fell upon some very bad financial times over the last few months and are starting to get back on my feet again. Funny first thing everyone told me to do...cancel my trip to WDW :confused:

Guess what my answer was? NO WAY!!! WDW is the only thing I have to look forward to. The momney for the trip isn't coming from my regular monthly income, it's coming from booking trips for others to Disney. I am working hard on getting people booked for trips for this reason alone.

There were times when I thought the bad luck I was having would never end but my family and friends were unbelievable in thier support and it made getting through all of this so much easier. The other thing that kept me going was dreaming of walking down Main Street with my Simba and all the new memories the two of us will be making together. I could smell the sweetness of the Bakery and I could feel the heat of the sun on my face while wandering around Animal Kingdom and I could taste the bacon at O'Hana's at breakfast.

We might be staying at a Valu resort insteadof a moderate but the specials that come out will determine all of that. Also, my son, Donald has decided that he will be doing the co-op with Disney again next Fall for his Senior year in college and and will be down there already when we go. If that's the case there are many more discounts for us to choose from, free park tickets, 40% off our rooms, etc. We will also get 50% off all any souviners we buy!!

I forgot to mention how great it was to see my oldest, Mickey and his wife, Minnie for 21 days. They have now moved to California. Donald came home too for 4 days and is now home again for Thanksgiving vacation. He is hunting with his father and my other son, Goofy this weekend.

So now we have to finish up things for Christmas, and plan the rest of Mickey and Minnie's wedding and reception (they were married by proxy in March 09 so they are having a church wedding and reception in Aug 2010).

I am also going to finish planning the trip for me and Simba!!!!

11-22-2009, 05:47 PM
Hi neighbor! :wave2: Your trip sounds really fun and I hope it works out for you. That's really cool that you're surprising Simba; I always wished my parents would do something like that. But alas, we haven't actually been on a real vacation since 1994! (I don't count trips with school as vacation, even the one to Disney because it wasn't to me.) When in May did you go? We are going mid-late and I'm hoping we don't run into the same tropical storm problems.:scared1: I really want to go to the water parks! I'll definitely be reading the rest of this, so keep planning. Oh, have you thought about mini-golfing or the characters in flight balloon for possible things to do? They are a little extra, but not nearly as much as MNSSHP and Pirates League. Also Port Orleans sounds great, it's one of the mods I wanted to stay at, but we will be doing ASMusic instead.

11-23-2009, 04:20 PM
Hello! Another September 2010er :) I thought I was an early bird starting my PTR! :goodvibes It will be fun reading along as you plan your trip. I hope that you get lots of people to book Disney trips through you. :thumbsup2

11-25-2009, 02:40 PM
Welcome bellebookworm9 & Charlefours!!!

We went at the end of May and hit the Memorial Day weekend crowds. Couldnt be helped since I can not longer go at the beginning of May (which we have done and loved!) because of graduation at the University I work at.
The tropical storm was a freak storm according to the locals. It arrived wit us and left after we flew home..what are the chances? Well the way my year has been going 100%!!:rolleyes1

Charlefours..when are you going in Sept? I am so psyched for free dining!!

bellebookworm...I love staying at POFQ...it is a "cozy" place. You see the same guests at the food court and at the pool and after a couple of days you get to talking to them and feel for them when they get back at night with thier kids crying or crashed or envy them if thier staying longer than you :lmao:

I'm not sure about Flights of Wonder...scarey for me. I forgot about minature golf and will add that to the list, especially since if I book the Magic Your Way package I believe one free game comes with that.

My older ones are still bummed that I am going without them, even Mickey and Minnie and thier in California. But oh well, I have to do what I have to do,lol.

We went to the dollar store the other day and I got the over the door organizer for all my hair and face and teeth products so they will be out of the way.

My suitcase from the last trip (a Mickey set for me and one for Simba) still has the poncho's, sewing kit, first aid kit and reuseable lotion bottles in it so I wouldn't loose them but I think I am going to have to get a storage tub for them. Goofy is going to need the suitcases for his trip to Germany.

I was really hoping to go one year for the Christmas deco's even for a weekend (okay 4 days or so :rotfl:) so that will be the next trip I plan. My boys all know if I win the lottery or at the casino (well I actually have to go to the casino and play the lottery) the first thing we do is book Christmas vacation at Disney. I am lucky that my boys are Disney Freaks like me now. they all LOVE to go but they didnt get into the planning until they all went without me at different times. Now they know that th planning and the ADR's etc are very important! and FUN!!!!

Up soon my ideas for our first day in the World.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!

11-27-2009, 09:16 AM
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a quieter than normal one since some of the family members were out of town for the first time but the food and company were great and we enjoyed it.
Today I have my 3 neices that are in from Texas (they just moved there in July and we really miss them) and we are going to make dough ornaments for thier new Christmas tree. They will make great gifts from them to thier Mom and Dad (the girls are 4,7 and 15) and it is something that Simba can do with them that isn't girlie as he puts it,lol.

I am going to try to make a Mickey one and see how it goes,lol.

We picked names for the gift exchange yesterday and I totally lucked out that I got my younger sister cuz I got her a gift already when Disneystore.com had a huge sale :)

Instead of buying for all my neices and nephews we started years ago having them pick names and they each buy a $20 gift for that person. They LOVE doing it cuz they actually go out and pick out the gift it's not the Mom's going out and getting something and telling them what we got.

So with list in hand I am ready to complete my shopping :cool1: There will be lots of Disney items and they all love them so it make my life easy.

11-27-2009, 03:03 PM
Surprise Disney trips are my favorite kinds. :) When I was 10, my mom planned a surprise trip to DL... not quite the same as a surprise trip to WDW, though, so I'm sure your son will LOVE it. I hope you guys have lots of fun--your trip already sounds fantastic!

11-28-2009, 10:58 AM
princessbee...thanks for joining!

So what do you guys think? Should I tell him Friday night before we go to bed in someway or wake him up at 4:00 am to tell him? Also...I would love some kind of ideas on how to do it if I do it Friday night.

We have a big Christmas party/family reunion tonight and the boys are going to get all my bins of Christmas deco's out of the basement for me too. BUT somewhere in there Simba and I are going to go over at least 10 menu's (I catagorized them by park for him) so he can choose top two for each park. We will do the same thing another weekend for resorts. He asked if we could go to the same place twice and I told him I would think about it and it will depend on what place he is talking about. I'm pretty sure he means Liberty Tree Tavern...it's one of my kids favorite places to eat. They talk about it everytime we have a big meal (that isn't italian,lol).

The other thing we will do is pick two counter service places for each CS meal because this is the first time he is not a child and the kids meals are out.
He would live on grilled cheese or salads if I let him but don't want to go someplace that has NOTHING he likes.

Hope you all have a great weekend!:hippie:

01-30-2010, 07:29 AM
Hello All!!
It's 7 am on a Saturday and I was looking forward to sleeping but the changes in our home over the last couple of months have changed that. We now have 3 puppies born New Years Day...2 boys and a girl and they found thier voices a couple of days ago.
It's -1 degree outside and I am sitting here with my coffee waiting for the cabbage that is on the stove to finish cooking (making cabbage rolls for my sister in law for her birthday- her favorite and we now exchange favorite foods instead of gifts for our 2 birthday's)

Havent worked on my plans much over the last couple of months for a few reasons..I am seeing someone now so that has taken a lot of time up. He is wonderful, known him for 24 years. It was a fluke that we hooked up but I thank God every night that we have.

I am now back into WDW mode now though so I will be adding more posts as we make some choices for the trip.

03-30-2010, 09:09 AM
Well fellow Dis'ers I am adding 2 people to our trip to Disney. My boyfriend ( we will call him Mufasa) and his younger son, Dash, (12 yrs old) (will now be coming with us. The surprise for Simba has been leaked but he is now helping us surprise Dash for the trip. Mufasa has only been to the World once and only for a few hours. Dash has never been.
We order the maps from Disney and had both our family names included on them and tee-shirts that say.."I am going to Disney World" for the surprise. Mufasa is going to put a little book mark in Dash's book that he has to read for school that tells him to go to the cabinet for a surprise and he will then find the maps and the t-shirt.
We had to shorten the trip by 2 days for financial reasons but 6 full days in the World will just have to be enough.

Donald will be doing another co-op in the fall for college this time cooking at the Brown Derby and he is totally psyched.

04-05-2010, 08:33 AM
Morning all! Wonderful holiday and I am in total Disney Mode! I made all our ADR's for the trip...

Sunday..Le Cellelliur (spelling is bad)
Monday..Crystal Palace for breakfast and The Plaza for Dinner
Tuesday..50's Prime Time
Wed...Mama Melrose
Thurs...Coral Reef
Friday...Liberty Tree tavern

I love Disney so much as does my whole family that I am a little worried that Mufasa and Dash wont "get it" like we do. Mufasa said that he loves that I get so excited everytime someone even mentioned Disney and he is sure he will enjoy being there with us and not to worry, of course I worry!!! What if he doesnt love it? What of he says once is enough? :eek:

05-07-2010, 02:34 PM
Well we went from French Quarters to All Star Music Family Suite when my BF and his son decided to go with us. Now with the free dining I find that none of the suites as of now are including in the free dining at the All Star Music...so they changed us over to 2 connecting rooms and one with a King. So my 6'5" BF will enjoy a good nights sleep :cool1:

We upgraded to DP and thought about DxDP but havent priced it out as of yet

05-23-2010, 11:27 PM
I'm not the only one with a big mouth,lol.Mufasa had a long talk with Dash concerning some custody problems they are having, It was a very complicated and hard conversation to have with Dash and at the end Mufasa told him about us going to Disney. He couldnt handle the sad eyes and long face on Dash so he just blurted it out. I wasnt upset but I was really hoping to do the surprise up the right way. Dash is super excited on going and really thrilled that we are flying and not driving.

Since this was told to him I have showed Dash the shirt, the Epcot passprot and the maps, etc. We will be going shopping at the dollar store for some of the lil things for the trip to keep in in the loop. He has been checking out everything he can on line about Disney and the fact that he is almost 13 doesnt seem to be effecting him on "being too cool" for Disney.

We will be having a Disney night in 2 weeks when our 2 older boys will be going to the prom (neither of these boys will be going to Disney with us so we dont want to rub it in that we are going and they aren't).
That night I will prepare a good meal, lots of snack food and each boy will get the Burnbaum Disney book 2010 version.

I will also have our agenda for the trip all done up for them in little books and areas for them to write in for pre trip, trip and post trip thoughts. Not to mention some some picture slots so they can print them out on the computer after the trip and add them to thier books.

We will go through the resort information and the menu's for the resturants, etc.

I am up later than normal tonight because Donald drove home from College on Wednesday night and flew down to Disney for 4 days (spending time with my DSis #1 and her hubby) and I am waiting for him to get home from the airport right now. He called me several times everyday to tell me all thier doing's to keep me jealous the whole time,lol.

I have also booked Mickey and Minnie's honeymoon for August for 8 days. Simba is flying down with my ex in laaws and extended family the last week of June ....I am jealous but sooo glad that I wont be going down there for either trip in that heat,lol.