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06-30-2002, 09:36 PM
We're booked at PBH for 3 nights 7/3-7/6 and can't wait!
Can anyone tell me about the Spiderman ride? Is it a show or an actual ride. Would it be too scary or intense for a 6 year old?

Thanks for your help.


06-30-2002, 09:52 PM
It depends on your 6 year old. Spiderman is actually a ride where you wear 3-D glasses, so the villians really seem to jump out at you. Think the Indiana Jones ride at DL (or Dinosaur at AK merged with "Its tough to be a bug"). It is kinda scary, but when we went on it, some of the kids in the car with us (ages 7 & 8) handled the ride better than the adults. It's a really jerky ride, but doesn't have any drops (although it does have some visual effects to make it seem like you are falling down a building.) I think Spiderman is an awesome ride! I hoped this helped.

06-30-2002, 11:00 PM
“I’m not worthy!” – The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure

SPOILER ALERT: This article gives away key scenes and the ending to the ride. You have been warned!

What exactly is the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride anyway?

That was the question I asked when I first heard about this ride. I read the descriptions and ride reviews on the Internet, I read the Wired article, and I saw the clips on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” Even with all this information, I still had no idea of what this ride was. That is, until I rode it.

Most people walk into amusement parks with a sense of awe and wonder. As soon as they walk in, they sense a certain magic in the parks. This is how I felt when I first rode the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. At the end of the ride, I felt like dropping to my knees and say, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

We should have such a reaction. After all, even Steven Spielberg, Universal’s Creative Consultant, said that the design team was five years ahead of its time. Other people said that it could not be done because it had never been done before. Fortunately for us, Universal’s Creative Department didn’t listen and created one fantastic ride.

What is the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride then? It’s best described as mix between a 3-D movie, a dark ride, and a simulator. As you progress through the ride, your car moves on a track. The track moves your car to different 3-D screens and your car moves in sync with the motion on the screen.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man starts you in the queue. You’re set to take a tour of the Daily Bugle. In the reception area, you view a large screen that gives you a background of the newspaper and a little bit about a new invention, the Scoop. This invention is a sleek vehicle that runs on treads. It allows reporters to move onto the scene and get the “scoop” on the big news story.

Next, you pass through a hallway and various front-page stories hang on the wall. Here, you can see some of the bad guys that you will meet later. You pass through Peter Parker’s darkroom, past the files, and into the newsroom. The newsroom is empty and phones ring unanswered. Overhead TV monitors report on the destruction and carnage left by the Sinister Syndicate – Dr. Octopus, Hobgoblin, Scream, Hydro-Man, and Electro. They’ve also stolen the Statue of Liberty. The TV monitors also introduce you to the characters and set up the ride.

The next room has a large screen and a model of the Scoop is in the center. J. Jonah Jameson is talking to us and he wants us to board the Scoop and get the news. What is our reward for doing this? A newspaper – not the Sunday edition, but a paper nonetheless! The video is interrupted by Dr. Octopus, who demands the surrender of the city or he will destroy the Statue of Liberty and the city. He shows off his latest invention, the Anti-Gravity Gun, which will inflict destruction upon the city. When the gun makes thing rise, the beam is green. When he wants to make floating things drop, the gun shoots a red beam.

The final room is the boarding room, where more TV monitors show you how to board the Scoop. This video is hilarious! Remember to grab your “night vision goggles” (or what we term in real life as 3-D glasses) and prepare to be seated into the vehicle.

The queue area is an adventure in itself, but wait until you see the ride. Your Scoop moves into the city and you see a shadow of Spider-Man swinging off a fire escape. Jameson comes on the Scoop’s radio and after he sees the Spider-Signal, he knows that headline-making news will be found tonight.

Spider-Man sits on a fire escape and then jumps onto the hood of our Scoop. Sure, it’s only a 3-D image, but it catches people by surprise. The Scoop even pitches forward while Spider-Man stands on it. He tells us that this night will be dangerous and for us to be careful. He even comments on our goggles – “Nice shades!” He shoots a web and swings off our Scoop. We turn and narrowly miss a garbage truck. We slam into a set of doors and we’ve accidentally entered the Sinister Syndicate’s secret hideout.

We sneak around the hideout. We see all of the Sinister Syndicate standing around the Statue of Liberty’s arm. Dr. Octopus shows off his Anti-Gravity gun and shoots the arm with a green beam. It levitates. The Syndicate does not notice us until Jameson comes on the radio. That catches the attention of the Syndicate! Oh-no, we’re in for a chase! The Scoop drives away, but Electro follows us and we can hear his footsteps from overhead. He grabs a huge electrical cable, sticks it in our face, and slams it into the hood of the Scoop. This is what a vibrating pager must feel like!

We pull away and Dr. Octopus and Scream are standing by a tank. Scream claws at us and shows off her teeth. Dr. Octopus shoos her out of the way and fires a green beam from the Anti-Gravity Gun twice at us. First, he hits the Statue of Liberty’s head and it levitates up (or so it used to – now it is permanently stuck to the roof). He then hits a wooden box and it flies up. We go down the sewer, turning around 360 degrees three times.

We pull up to a pipe in the sewer and Spider-Man drops down and stands on the pipe. He tells us to go back to the Bugle, but Hydro-Man appears behind him. Hydro-Man reaches for us, but Spider-Man punches him twice with no effect (what do you expect from punching water anyway?). Hydro-Man makes a fist, laughs, and knocks the pipe towards the Scoop. Spider-Man is able to jump away just before the pipe flies up.

The Scoop is knocked back and we turn around. We’re facing a brick wall now. You see something punching through the wall. Bricks fly towards us because Dr. Octopus has broken a hole in the wall. He comes walking out of the hole. He points one of his tentacles at us and at the end is a flame-thrower. He points the flame-thrower in our face. You feel like your Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven. The Scoop struggles to get away and finally does. Dr. Octopus is sent backwards and he is left holding our front bumper. Our Scoop struggle to drive up to street level.

The Scoop punches through a set of doors and we’re by the water. Hobgoblin flies in and tosses a pumpkin bomb at us. The bomb flies very close to out face, but Spider-Man shoots a web, pulls the bomb away from us, tosses it into the background, and it explodes. The Hobgoblin throws another one at us, but Spider-Man jumps onto the Hobgoblin’s flying vehicle and pulls him back. The Hobgoblin tosses the bomb anyway and it explodes under a bridge. A flame shoots out above us and you feel like a hamburger patty on a grill.

The Scoop turns around and we bump Spider-Man onto a theater marquee. Jameson comes on the radio again and whines about “my Scoop, my beautiful Scoop!” Dr. Octopus shoots at the marquee and it floats off the side of the building. Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus fight, Spider-Man is knocked away, and Dr. Octopus turns to us. He sticks the barrel of his Anti-Gravity Gun in our face and shoots us with a green beam. Fog envelopes us, the Scoop turns around, and we float higher and higher and higher up. Spider-Man chases after us and says, “Wait for me! You’re not insured for this!”

Spider-Man then tries to web us down, but the Hobgoblin appears and drags Spider-Man along of a wild ride. Since we’re still webbed to Spider-Man, we’re dragged along too. Scream appears and gets wrapped by the web. Hobgoblin is pulled off his flying vehicle and it crashes into the Scoop. We turn around and see Electro and Hydro-Man. They’re about to kick our butts when Spider-Man tumbles out of a window. Electro tries to shoot an electrical bolt at Spider-Man, but he misses and ends up vaporizing Hydro-Man. A billboard explodes and debris hits the Scoop.

We turn around and Dr. Octopus points his Anti-Gravity Gun at us. He shoots it and this time, we’re falling. Lean back – the manhole cover is getting bigger! Spider-Man grabs him and before we hit the street, Spider-Man tosses a web trampoline and we are saved from smashing into the pavement.

The Scoop drives off the trampoline and to the front of the police department, the Sinister Syndicate is all wrapped up in webbing and Spider-Man congratulates us. The Statue of Liberty is reassembled and helicopters are towing it back. One of Dr. Octopus’ tentacles pries itself loose from the webbing. Spider-Man shoots a web and the tentacle sticks to Hobgoblin’s face.

We move to the unload area where we heard a rocking rendition of the “Spider-Man” theme song. Spider-Man has left the Anti-Gravity Gun and it’s pointed directly at Jameson, who is floating around in his office. Then we exit. Don’t forget to read the big newspaper at the end. It’s funny! The hallway leads us to – surprise – the gift shop!

Did you have fun on the ride by reading this? Wait until you ride it. I haven’t seen a theme park ride that even comes close to the ride’s complexity, technology, or outright fun. The ride did have a habit of breaking down. Recent Scoop redesigns have made breakdowns a rarity. I’ve logged about 20 rides and I still am amazed at the ride. If you pay for a ticket and do nothing else but ride the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man once, you will get your money’s worth.

So stop reading this report and go out and ride the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man! You won’t be disappointed.

07-01-2002, 01:07 AM
:rolleyes: Oh,is that how it goes? I guess my eyes are shut most of the time so I never really *GOT* the story!;)

07-01-2002, 01:03 PM
Your eyes were shut and you were standing up? Wow, you are talented! :)

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Originally posted by Barry Hom
Your eyes were shut and you were standing up? Wow, you are talented! :)

Yes Barry, my talents are endless!:p

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I had no idea what it was about myself, I have pos - uhh... UL-TERIOR motives on what I'm looking at !! http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/love.gif

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Robin was looking at CPM's butt when she stood up? :confused:

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Thanks very much for the information. It sounds great!


07-01-2002, 08:41 PM
Like Barry said, this to is a spoiler so if you want to be surprised dont watch this video...

Spiderman video click here (freak-designs.com/spiderman.wmv)

07-02-2002, 11:41 AM
My son who was a few days shy of turning 4 was not scared on the ride. He does have an adventerous personality. He rode everything we could get him on with no problems (including rip-saw falls and the bilge-barges). They wouldn't let him on Jurassic Park and he almost cried then. If you take your son just warn him about the 3D effects so he won't be caught by surprise.